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  • EFT: Help Gain Freedom from the Fear of Public Speaking  By : Judith A. Wentzel
    EFT is an experimental technique that has shown great results. It is beginning to be used by therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and various medical doctors around the world as part of their treatment tactics.
  • Achieving Impossible Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Any one who has a goal or plan which is slightly out of the ordinary is likely to be given advice by a panel of 'experts'. They may well tell you that what you are planning is impossible, dangerous and even ridiculous. In some cases they could be right but quite often they are not. The article tries to assess how much respect we should give to the experts.
  • Productive Goal Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Learn how to set productive goals with these 6 secrets.
  • 3 Ways to Advance Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    "The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the field and never scoring." -Bill Copeland
  • Business Goals and Following Through  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Your business can't go according to plan if you have no plan. Follow these helpful guidelines if you want to expand your business this year.
  • Being Selfish With Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    All too often good-intentioned people set forth goals designed to satiate others rather than themselves. While the intent is honorable, the results will likely lead to failure. Why? As the somewhat provocative title of this article indicates, you need to be selfish with your goals and select ones that mean something to you.
  • Goal Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Have you ever wondered why some people are successful in life while others are destined for mediocrity? Well a big part of succeeding in life is to know exactly what you want and taking continuous action towards achieving it. If you want to succeed in life you have to know exactly what you want. If you are vague and unsure about what you want you will likely be unhappy and unsuccessful in life. When we have a goal, we focus our time, energy and talent on what we want to accomplish instead of squandering our lives away.
  • Achieving Your Goals by Using One Word  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    This article concentrates on one well known key word which can totally change your attitude towards finishing what you have started. It will help you complete your plans and find out whether these plans will help you make progress or not. Unfinished plans and goals are no use to anyone. Completing your plans, at the very least, builds up your confidence and will power to the point where you can undertake ambitious projects which will amaze both you and your friends.

    This article could help you or someone else achieve things which you had not believed possible.
  • Personal Goals that Inspire and Motivate  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Do you make a list of yearly resolutions or goals but don't follow through? Read on to learn tips and strategies to get going and stay on track!
  • To Realize your Dreams, Focus on Significance, not Success  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    When you think about making your dreams come true, are you more concerned with being successful, or accomplishing something significant? Find out what the difference is between the two, and how focusing on significance can be your key to true fulfillment.
  • Ingredients That Make A Winner  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    What separates the haves from the have-nots? Nothing, but your own fear and insecurities.
  • Goals And Belief Systems  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Do you remember saying to yourself, when I do that, I will.... Why do people always make excuses so we don't do the things we really want or desire? It has everything to do with our belief system. This system will shape your destiny.
  • Combining the Mind and Effective Goal-Setting  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    You need goals in your life in order to achieve your dreams and have the success you desire. Many of us spend our lives without any definite purpose, simply drifting from place to place. Setting goals help us to focus our lives and to advance confidently in a definite direction. Believe it or not, but intelligence really has nothing to do with success and financial acumen but goal-setting does! Set goals, follow them and achieve the success you deserve!
  • Perfection the Un-Live-Able Goal  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Are you waiting for everything to be just right before you create anything or communicate what you want?

    If so, You may never get started.
  • Getting What You Want  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    We all wonder how to make our dreams come true. This article offers 7 tips for getting what you want out of life.
  • Success | What is it, How do you get it!  By : Richard Schulz-16756
    What is success; many have different opinions, Napoleon Hill In the book "The Law of Success" gives my personal best choice; quote;
    “Success is the development of power with which to get whatever one wants in life without interfering with the rights of others” This would validate the following, Success is more than economic gains, titles, and degrees, success is following your dreams.
  • Making the Best out of Your Procrastination  By : temp
    So you wait until the very last minutes or hours to complete a project? That isn’t that unusual in today’s society. Most people hit either end of the spectrum, being one who completes a project as soon as they get an assignment or a procrastinator who waits until right before the assignment is due to begin and complete the task. Not many people work a little bit at a time, working on their ideas and gathering information at a steady, regular pace.
  • Where Are You Going In Life  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Goal setting for your new business.

    What do you want to achieve?

    Before you actually set up, decide what you want to achieve with your business. If you are already in business, review where you are going are you clear about this?

    Why not take some time out to think about and write down your goals for your business?
  • 7 Goal Setting Steps  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    The three keys to living without limits have always been the same. They are clarity, competence, and concentration. Goal setting will help you live without limits.
  • Positive Thinking By Tapping Deep Into Mind Power Secrets  By : Joel Chue
    “Positive thinking” I am pretty sure you are familiar with these 2 words. For those who see these 2 words for the first time, positive thinking is about being positive and optimistic about things. I am sure some of you think that it is easy to be optimistic. Yes, positive thinking can be easy on a normal day. But can you still stay positive when something terrible happened to your life today? So, positive thinking is a skill that needs to be practiced as we are not wired to be positive thinkers. And now, I will share with you more on what positive thinking is and how you can use it to improve your life.
  • Changing And Keeping Resolutions  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    It’s time for that annual ritual of making (and breaking) our New Year’s resolutions. There is something about the idea of being able to start over that motivates us to pause (at least briefly) and reflect on our lives as they are, as well as how we would like them to be. Yet how many times have you thought back to last year’s goals and found that many or most of them were abandoned or just forgotten after a few weeks or months into the year?
  • Knowing What You Want In Life  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    At this point in time you have an opportunity to really analyze your life. Where you are right now and where you want to be in the future. Now is your chance to take a close look at what you would really like to do with your life. Perhaps you have never dared to choose a path based on your true desires, you have purely gone with the flow. This is now your chance.
  • The Importance Of Commiting To Your Goals  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    What do you want, and why do you want it? Getting this clear in your own mind is key to your future success. Learn how to effective establish your goals with stern resolve. Ensure your goals are things that will serve you well. Do these things to achieve a more fulfilling life?
  • Do Goals Really Work?  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Many people try set goals for themselves, but often see no real results. So do goals really work, or is there a better alternative?
  • How To Set Goals The Easy Way  By : rennalp6h76xzg
    Many people are often put off from setting goals. They think it is hard and will take forever. Whilst setting goals may take some effort, it certaintly is not hard! In this article you will discover and extremely simple process for setting goals.
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