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  • Thinking of buying a new Printer?  By : layers
    One of the constant questions we get asked here at Stinkyink towers is ĎIím thinking of buying a new printer, what do you recommend?í I believe that we can give an honest opinion on this as we donít sell printers - just the consumables, and we have loads of printers here to feed! These are all personal opinions and in no way are intended to denigrate or damage anybodyís reputation.
  • How to Find Installation Software for your Hardware  By : Brenda Stokes
    When you wish to add hardware to other hardware, then you often need to have software that will perform the task of synchronizing the two devices together. Examples of hardware you may wish to install include a printer to your home computer, a keyboard to your home computer and other devices which have a physical presence.
  • Brochure Printing Made Easy  By : Ken Charnley
    One of the most basic ways to promote your business is by printing out brochures or leaflets. These are printed promotional materials which are easy to make. You can either mail them to prospective customers or personally hand them out in a public place.
  • About Laser Printers  By : Karl Smith
    Like with many other things in the world of printing, laser printers have come a long way in the past few years. They have gone from being found almost exclusively in offices to being offered at $100 for a home user. Although they are better for a lot of people, some have a hard time imagining themselves buying a laser printer for their home. A lot of people have the idea that laser printers are just the big clunky machines in their offices where the toner cartridges cost a f...
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