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  • How to Rake in the Cash from Helium  By : Ethan Christ
    Lately, in reading random posts and articles, throughout the web, I've noticed the people often complain that it is is nearly impossible to make any money from Helium. Well, I am here to inform you other wise. I will let you in on a few secrets of mine that I have picked up along the way. First off, if you signed up for Helium, and decided that you would write one article, and expect to get paid more than a few cents,you were wrong. The key to helium is the number of articles you submit, along with a few other various things.
  • Poetry and its Impact on American Society  By : Grant Eckert
    Though many people will still roll their eyes at the idea of poetry, there is no disputing its impact on modern society. While many of us still associate poetry with sing song rhymes, that is only the beginning of this masterful art form. Poetry allows us to capture emotions and images in a shorter and more potent form of writing - and the impact is still being felt in this modern day, even if we try to avoid it at all costs.
  • Free Song Writing Contest  By : EGB Systems
    How many times have we wondered where to find a competition that suits our talent and skill or whether is it being held in our neighborhood? Well, this article is about a place or a site in this web where you could access a resource full of information on various categories of competitions that is going on around the world. Whether it is on writing, dancing, painting, quiz, music, photography, poetry, or no matter what it is or where it may be, if you can name a competition this site finds it.
  • The Complexity of the English Patient  By : Sharon White
    The old classic, "The English Patient," consists of two different stories clashing and entwining into one throughout the novel. There are many different aspects of each character and they are created to be complex people. The most fascinating thing is that although each character’s story clashes with the other, neither story would be interesting separate. The four characters and their conflicting relationships give "The English Patient" a complicated and fascinating story.
  • Thomas Traherne: One of England's Most Talented Poets  By : Sharon White
    Thomas Traherne was probably one of the most talented poets of the 17th century. Although his work was not discovered until the 19th, even then it was not appreciated to its full value. Traherne's works are on the level of John Milton, the famous author of "Paradise Lost." It is very unjust however, to judge one poet on the standards of another. Each author's work should be judged individually. Free of any influence from another author's work.
  • An Analysis of the Poem "A London Fete"  By : Sharon White
    The poem "A London Fete" is a harsh example of the differences between perception and actual reality. In order to explain this, the author uses the instance of a public hanging to express how contemptible people who are from the highest moral standards can conduct themselves.
  • An Analysis of the Poem "You're"  By : Sharon White
    When your eyes first rest on the title, "You're", your first thought is that the writer is talking about someone other than herself. Actually it seems that the writer is going to proceed and describe you! But on reading the poem you realize that it is really an abstract poem, she never really states who she is talking to.
  • Online Poetry Communities: 10 Tips to Finding the Right One for You  By : Rob Levasseur
    Online poetry communities are the sites you join to share poems and to meet other poets who also share an interest in poetry. Finding an exceptional poetry site, dedicated to its poets, is not quite that simple.
  • Painless Poetry Research: Avoiding “URL NOT FOUND” and Pop-Up Purgatory  By : Rob Levasseur
    World of Poets uses the methodologies to make sense of the poetry research jungle. Poetry is now avoiding “URL NOT FOUND” and Pop-Up Purgatory. Now finding links to poetry research is not that difficult in
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