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  • Legal Issues On Music On Hold  By : Tymon Hytem-5496
    Technology of Music-on-hold has been around so long that it has almost become a given that when you place your callers on hold they should hear something other than silence, it gives the caller the sense that they havent been disconnected while they wait. Numerous businesses have Music
  • After What Period Could You Realistically Expect To Play The Guitar?  By : John Philip
    The moment you learn your first chords you may well contend that you can play the guitar. However, choosing the standard of guitar playing that you wish to achieve may be the first consideration when estimating the time to accomplish the level that you hope to play at. Studying to play any musical instrument is a never-ending endeavor and most expert musicians will acknowledge that they are ceaselessly perfecting their skills.
  • Learn How To Play The Piano And Expand Your Musical Understanding By  By : John Philip
    As in so several different areas of human aspirations and parallel with countless other skills, playing the piano requires 90% practise and 10% inspiration. The foremost ambition of learning piano, however, should be enjoyment and if you accept studying piano is worthwhile then your lifestyle will be enriched totally. Although they are passionate about it, most individuals will not go close a piano due to trepidation that they will not know how to play it.
  • The Principle Barrier To Successful Guitar Playing  By : John Philip
    Playing guitar is incredibly enjoyable, incredibly pleasing and is relatively painless, which is why it is one of the most popular instruments. Whatever your incentive, or no matter what sort of music your are enthusiastic about, whether it be rock, country or jazz studying to play the guitar can be an amazing cool and pleasing hobby.
  • Ads Go Mobile  By : K Cantera
    As an increasing number of people opt for Bluetooth-enabled cell phones , advertising agencies and billboard operators are teaming up to create a new form of advertising within the growing sphere of mobile marketing.
  • Free Authorized Music Downloads Completely for Music Followers  By : Isaiah Henry
    It is possible to download any kind of music from the internet and it does not take more than five minutes if you are using a broadband connection. The devil lies in the download itself as the individuals do not care about the security of the site and simply get from any sites which are prevalent.
  • Pole dancing class  By : Gareth09 Taylor09
    Pole dancing is a form of dancing that demands active coordination, muscular endurance and sensuality from the performer. Increasingly pole dancing has been recognized as form of exercise like aerobics and can itself be used as an aerobic and an aerobic workout. The dancers use a pole in such a way as to arouse the senses, hence it is popular in strip clubs and gentlemens clubs. A variation is the artistic pole dancing or Chinese pole as it is called is used in cabarets circuses and stage performances. It is performed in a non erotic manner. In strip clubs pole dancing is performed less gymnastically and is normally combined with striptease or lap dancing. The dancers may just simply hold the pole or use it to perform athletic maneuvers such as body inversions, climbs and spins. Pole dancers need to have upper body strength and stamina which can be developed with constant practice.
  • Dealing with Bunions En Pointe  By : Lisa Howell
    Many girls who start on pointe are scared that they will get bunions from doing pointe work. If a bunion is present it can cause real problems with fitting pointe shoes and dancing en pointe. Dance Physiotherapist Lisa Howell discusses the reality of dancing with bunions and offers practical solutions to working en pointe more comfortably.
  • How Do You Fit Pointe Shoes Properly?  By : Lisa Howell
    Having pointe shoes that fit well can make all the difference in you loving or hating pointe work, so it is important to get it right from the beginning. Ill fitting shoes can result in not only pain and discomfort while dancing, but also black toenails, blisters and stress fractures in the toes.
  • How Old Is Too Old To Start Pointe Work?  By : Lisa Howell
    Many adults start taking ballet classes later in life, and often wonder whether it is possible to progress onto pointe. The same strength and flexibility requirements that young girls need to attain before commencing onto pointe obviously apply, however there are a few other issues to consider in the adult dancer.
  • Pointe vs. Weight. How heavy is too heavy to be dancing en pointe?  By : Lisa Howell
    It is possible that a dancer who is slightly ‘heavier’ does has enough strength to hold their weight en pointe, however how heavy is too heavy to dance en pointe? This article, from Lisa Howell, discusses the issue of pointe work with ‘heavier’ girls and offers some suggestion to a sensible diet and exercise programme to maintain whilst dancing.
  • How Ballet Dancers Can Avoid Common Foot Injuries  By : Lisa Howell
    Many of the common foot injuries sustained by ballet dancers can be prevented, and treated, by the application of some basic knowledge about the structure of muscles in the feet. Specific strengthening of the different muscles can make a huge difference to a career in ballet, or any other dance discipline. This article discusses the causes and treatment of common dancers foot injuries.
  • How do you tell when a girl is ready for pointe work?  By : Lisa Howell
    The question as to when a ballet dancer is strong enough to go onto pointe has always been a contentious one. Dance Physical Therapist Lisa Howell (B.Phty) has perfected a fantastic system that takes the guesswork out of this difficult decision. Dancers work through a series of tests and exercises specially developed to prepare their feet, ankles, hips and core muscles for pointe work, and the system is being embraced by dance teachers all over the globe.
  • You Make Up Your Mind If You Want Free Ipod Music Downloads  By : Isaiah Henry
    As you see, free iPod music downloads are quite popular. But my recommendation is that you always keep your eyes open when you download from there. Additionally, don�t forget that there are many ways to get things done, so always look for new and better alternatives.
  • Listening To Your Home Recordings Using Monitors  By : Ian Marples
    Monitors are basically speakers that you use when mixing down, also known as 'studio monitors'.

    Studio monitors are designed to create an accurate audio image of your track, with no unnatural emphasis of particular frequencies, whereas hi-fi speakers are designed to make all audio material sound quite pleasing to the ear...
  • Home Recording Guitar Using A Compressor  By : Ian Marples
    A compressor is a device that reduces (compresses) the dynamic range in a sound sources softest point to its loudest point to smooth the output, and can bring your audio material up to spec with professional recordings. An instrument that goes from very quiet and very loud over the course of a song can be difficult to record and mix. Either the quiet parts get lost or the loud sections overload the recording.
  • Home Recording Guitar - Why You Need A Mic Pre-Amp  By : Ian Marples
    The signal that a microphone picks up is actually very low, and needs to be boosted for it to be used with your recording device. This is exactly what a mic-preamp does; it boosts the signal to a level that is useable for recording.
  • Using An Isolation Box When Recording Guitar  By : Ian Marples
    Most guitarists know that to hit the “sweet” spot of your amplifier it has to be a fairly high volume, but the question is; how do you achieve those high studio volumes when you’re living in a house with other people or in an apartment block?

    Well, there are a few different ways...
  • The Art Of Microphone Placement When Recording Guitar  By : Ian Marples
    Like any other piece of kit, the same microphone can give tremendously different results depending on how it is used. To get the sound you are looking for takes a bit of expertise and a lot of experimenting. Even the best microphones available can sound “boomy” and unusable if not used correctly.

    So, is microphone placement an art or a science? Well, it’s a little of both, but often just a matter of experimenting until you hear something you like.
  • What Are Microphone Polar Patterns?  By : Ian Marples
    Polar Patterns describe the way in which a microphone picks up the sound from around it. Some microphones are directional and only pick up from a particular direction whereas others will pick up from all around.

    There are essentially five main polar responses or pick-up patterns, these are:

    Cardioid, hyper cardioid, Shotgun, omni directional, figure 8. What do all these mean? That's what we'll be discussing.
  • What Microphones Should You Use For Home Recording Guitar  By : Ian Marples
    There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to the sound you get from your microphone, not only in terms of price and quality, but also where you actually place the mic in relation to your amplifier. That's what we'll be discussing today.
  • How To Record Guitar At Home Using Indirect Recording  By : Ian Marples
    Indirect recording is what I would call the “old school” method of actually plugging into a real guitar amplifier, and using a microphone to record the sound. Minimally this method requires an amplifier, microphone, mic-preamp and a converter. However, a whole heap of other units can be added, for example eq’s, mixers, compressors etc.
  • How To Record Guitar At Home, No Matter What Your Budget  By : Ian Marples
    Discover everything you need to turn your room into a complete home recording studio.

    No matter what your budget, there's always a way! With today’s technology there are several methods of recording at your disposal. Which works best? Well that's what we'll be discussing.
  • Synthesizer Fundamentals: Bass Drum  By : Dane Smith
    This article shows you how to make a bass drum sound with a classic analog synth.
  • Music In My Life  By : Robert II Smith
    Music plays an important part in my life, bringing back memories, creating associations, influencing mood and feelings and sometimes even helps to overcome hardships. As for me every style of music is important in its own way, and there is no bad music, there are only poor listeners.
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