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  • A Tale of VoIP Billing Woe  By : Tyler Greyfeeld
    Beware of hasty descisions, they can come back to haunt you. We should have taken this advice when searching for our voice over internet protocol provider. Instead we rushed it, and gave ourselves a big headache.
  • Astonishing Option for Cinephiles to Obtain Greatest Film Releases  By : Jeffrey Royer
    Do you think TV is not enough to watch the best movies? We think too! Do you absolutely love watching movies? Well, most of us do! But what you probably don’t know is how internet can be better than anything else to get and watch movies online.
  • Videographer | Videographer Kent | corporate video production  By : Nicole
    Be it a wedding, anniversary, or a party, the beautiful and exciting moments are always short lived-it's all over within a span of days, and all that is left are memories. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could capture those magical moments and keep going back to them from time to time? For more information about videographer, videograhper Kent, corporate video production, visit:
  • Movie Posters – Your Unique Poster and Print Site  By : William Cole Doggett
    Movie Posters offers unique items to interested shoppers. On the other hand, Movie Posters provides its customers a handful of photographs with different wonderful designs.
  • The 79th Annual Academy Awards  By : Anthony Ligonde
    The 79thAnnual Academy Awards ceremony was held on Sunday, February 25, 2007, at the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood. If you have not had the opportunity to read through the list of winners and nominees, here is a quick refresher:
  • Fonejacker - New comedy genius  By : wayne metcalfe
    If you have not had a chance to look at the latest Channel 4 series fonejacker, but seem to come across it where ever you go, here is a quick overview of the super hit series. Fonejacker is a television series that follows the exploits of the multi-talented actor Kayvan Novak, as he makes prank calls to people all over the UK. Each fonejacker episode begins with definition of fonejack which is defined as “seize control of a telephone conversation by farce esp. to divert it from reason and logic”. Of course, since fonejacking is all about making prank telephone calls, the telephone conversation is usually accompanied by on screen animations that look similar to a Monty Python cartoon.
  • Angelstrade, The Future Of Social Network  By : Patrick Ndukwe
    Social networking is no longer alien to the internet, some social networking sites are entering their 5th year of existence. With so many social networking sites available what makes for a great social networking site? Before going any further, one must understand the basics of social networking. A social networking site is essentially one large community where users get together share ideas and content with each other. With so many social networking sites online, it has become increasingly difficult finding the right social networking site.
  • Before Da Vince had a Code There was an Antichrist Code  By : Dr. Maria vonAnderseck
    Who isn’t familiar with Dan Brown’s provocative book, The Da Vinci Code that stepped on, what Christians consider, very sacred ground? His absorbing tale of Jesus’ earthly lineage through Mary Magdalene sparked passionate debates around the world. Was Jesus married? Were original documents destroyed to keep his secret safe? Is his claim to divinity a charade? Before Da Vince had a Code there was an Antichrist Code that blows the Da Vinci Code out of the water.
  • Exhibitions Honour Grace Kelly  By : Henri Boulanger-7925
    The life and times of Hollywood actress and Oscar winner Grace Kelly - Princess Grace of Monaco - are being celebrated in two exhibitions this year.
  • Ford cars take to the big screen  By : CoverGirl-6647
    A look at some of the best movies and television dramas that Ford cars have made special appearances in.
  • Online Movie Downloads & Watching - A Review of Top Sites  By : Nitin Verma
    This article provides a review of best websites providing unlimited movie downloads and online watching. Here we give tips on how to choose best website on the internet and what are the three most popular websites available for movie downloading purpose.
  • Buymovies - The Ultimate Online Movie And DVD Source  By : Dwayne Walker
    Want to watch a movie? Make the best use of the online buying and rental facility, a movie enthusiast can make a possible pick and own his desired movie easily at Buymovies.
  • Firefox 2 Review  By :
    Mozilla's Firefox 2 is out now for a while. Let's have a look what this new browser has too offer us in compare with the previous version.
  • Review Of Rush Hour 3  By :
    A review of Rush Hour 3 with Actors Jackie Chan & ChrisTucker!
  • Nicole Kidman To Star In New Monte Carlo Film  By : Henri Boulanger-7925
    The best of Hollywood glamour is set to meet Europe's glamour in a new film starring Nicole Kidman, in a romantic comedy called Monte Carlo, with filming due to start soon in and around Monte Carlo's Casino Square and hotels.
  • Why I Dumped NetFlix for BlockBuster Online  By : Henry Nazar
    I’ve been a NetFlix member for nearly two years now and up to Monday of last week I have had no complaints. I noticed however, that BlockBuster has a similar online DVD rental service but goes beyond NetFlix by allowing its user to also be able to return movies to their local Blockbuster store. Netflix DVDs must be mailed to them and even though there is no shipping charge, the difference in time between driving to a store to return a rental and mailing the rental via the post office is more than a day. That is why I decided to sign up as a BlockBuster Online user and try out both services. As I will show in this review, even though NetFlix invented the online DVD rental service, Blockbuster is right at its tale
  • The Heartbreak Kid  By : BenPadnos
    The Heartbreak Kid Movie – In theaters October 5, 2007. Do you know what it feels to meet your soul mate on your first honeymoon? Watch Eddie (Ben Stiller) trying to keep his new, increasingly horrid wife Lila (Malin Akerman) at bay as he attempts to woo the girl of his dreams Miranda (Michelle Monaghan) in this romantic comedy from the Farrelly Brothers.
  • Hot Rod - Stuntman Forever  By : BenPadnos
    Hot Rod - Coming to theaters August 3, 2007. Can Rod Kimble(Andy Samberg) clear fifteen buses in an attempt to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank Powell's life-saving heart operation? The Official Hot Rod movie site from Paramount Pictures.
  • Movie Reviews – Honest Movie Reviews to Help You Pick Better and Save Time  By : Maxim Garanichev
    Honest movie reviews help the average movie-goers make good decisions and spend their time and money wisely on movies that they will thoroughly enjoy.
  • Online Paid Surveys, Money Maker or Scam?  By : mcomo
    Get Paid for your opinion, Online Paid Surveys, Get Paid To Take Surveys, Take Online Surveys for CASH! I'm sure you have seen ads like these all over the Internet. Can you make money taking surveys or is it just another scam?
  • Stardust  By : BenPadnos
    STARDUST Movie - The film, an adaptation of the novel by Neil Gaiman which was illustrated by Charles Vess, is an adventure fantasy. A young man named Tristan (Charlie Cox) woos a village beauty Victoria (Sienna Miller), promising to bring her a falling star. His journey takes him beyond the walls of his village to a mysterious and forbidden land.
  • Review On The Documentary ‘Control Room’  By : Ken Charnley
    Control Room is an informative documentary about how the U.S. news networks and the Arab satellite news channel, Al-Jazeera, covered the early days of the war in Iraq. It is an eye-opening documentary which consistently solicits tough questions in the back of our minds. It captivates its audience in competing notions of truth and leaves one satisfied with the perception that if there really are two sides to every story; then this documentary puts forward an unparallel opening to scrutinize the other side and leave it up for its audience to make up their own mind.
  • Monk (DVD) Review  By : Britt Gillette
    One of the more clever television creations of the new millennium, Monk combines the high-grade suspense of a traditional TV drama with the quirky humor of a big screen comedy. Originally developed for ABC, the show became an instant prime-time lynchpin for the USA network, proving itself one of the more successful shows on cable TV…

    In Monk, Tony Shalhoub stars in the title role of Adrian Monk, a former San Francisco detective placed on psychiatric leave. A true legend in...
  • South Park (DVD) Review  By : Britt Gillette
    Premiering in the late summer of 1997, South Park took American pop culture by storm with its no-holds-barred examination of social and political issues and its lewd yet unique brand of cartoon humor. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park is the lynchpin of cable network Comedy Central's original programming lineup. Centered around the lives of several kids in the small Colorado town of South Park (a place prone to odd and paranormal occurrences), the series prese...
  • 24 (DVD) Review  By : Britt Gillette
    First airing in November 2001, 24 quickly established itself as one of the best television series around and solidified itself as a cult classic icon. Utilizing a novel premise, each season of 24 comprises a single day in lives of its characters, with each of the 24 episodes representing a one-hour time segment of that day. Kiefer Sutherland stars in the imminent role of Jack Bauer, a government agent periodically faced with enormous challenges within a single day. Each seaso...
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