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  • Put Your Heart Into Your Goals This February  By : Daryl Cowie
    February is a season of love and romance, when we reaffirm our hearts to the ones we love. It's also one of the best times of year to put your heart into your goals and objectives, and make them personal.
  • The Sales Business Cycle - Part 3  By : Daryl Cowie
    Now it's time to seal the deal. This happens after the customer has seen the value and made a decision that they want to buy. Not before.
  • The Sales Business Cycle - Part 2  By : Daryl Cowie
    a lead that never reaches a decision to buy is ultimately just a liability. It's not enough to find a lot of interested people. At some point you need to get those people to decide...
  • The Sales Business Cycle - Part 1  By : Daryl Cowie
    The basic philosophy behind the sales perspective is the more you sell the more money you make. This makes a lot of sense, so let’s take a look at business from the perspective of a sales led organization.
  • The Productivity Factor  By : Daryl Cowie
    Was this a hard working team? Absolutely they were. They were young and eager and all willing to go the extra mile. Were they a productive team? Not on your life. Not without a leader.
  • Angel Investors: 7 Online Business Plan Scams and 1 Real Deal  By : ONE
    We've all seen the hype: "We'll put your plan in front of thousands of investors!" "We'll write you an award-winning online business plan!" "Only $3,000 for thousands of investors to learn about your company!"
  • Management Tip: Follow the Piles of Cash  By : Daryl Cowie
    "Follow the piles of cash". Although this is not all there is to business, it is definitely something you can never lose sight of as a manager or business leader.
  • Management Tip: Measuring Success  By : Daryl Cowie
    How do you measure success? After years of trial, error, training and research I have four top level measurements that I recommend everyone have in place across their business or team.
  • Management Tip: The Top 3 Ways to Shrink a Business  By : Daryl Cowie
    There are three things I see time and time again that hurt people’s businesses. The amazing thing is how strongly people hold onto these ideas.
  • Could online Corporate America actually be helping us?  By : Daryl Cowie
    Could online corporate America actually be helping us? In a wondrous twist of fate evil corporations are forced to do some good to survive.
  • Management Tip: Driving Cost Control  By : Daryl Cowie
    Just like top-line growth is the responsibility of everyone, but primarily driven by specific teams, cost control is also everyone’s responsibility but driven by specific teams.
  • 3 Good Ways to Destroy Your Business  By : Daryl Cowie
    Every year lots of new start up businesses fail and have to close their doors. What are some of the reasons that these businesses do not succeed, and how can you avoid making the same mistakes that they did?
  • Management Tips for Office Managers  By : Daryl Cowie
    In today's high-paced, competitive workforce an effective office manager is key to successful business operation. As an effective office manager you need to understand your role, and your key objectives.
  • Approaches To Global Business Management  By : Robert II Smith
    Global business management can be defined as the interaction of people from different cultures, societies, and various backgrounds in undertaking various business activities with the aim of achieving their goals for example earning profits from their investments.
  • Our Top Ten Team Building Exercises  By : Amy Linley
    Given the varied personalities, communication skills and personal agendas individual members bring with them to the team, getting your team to work cooperatively can be a challenge.
  • PRINCE2 for a Successful Project  By : Robert Norton
    A project needs to operate smoothly and efficiently for a business to reap the benefits of a successful project. To ensure projects operate successfully PRINCE2 was introduced to address the common reasons for projects failing.
  • Improving Workplace Safety  By : Jim Schwebel-17655
    In certain industries, each employer must create a safety and health program, and certain key policies are explained in further detail.
  • The 10 key elements for a Best Practice Supply chain  By : sturat
    How many companies are finding their IT investments are a major blocker to releasing the benefits of Lean Manufacturing and why a new planning approach is needed.
  • Management Tip: Driving Top-Line Growth  By : Daryl Cowie
    To achieve sustainable growth, every department must do its part. To understand how to organize and set goals each department leader must understand what their team's primary role is, and what area they can impact the most.
  • To Meet or Not to Meet  By : Amy Linley
    There are many reasons to have a meeting, but there are also reasons not to have one. When is it a bad idea to get your people together? What kinds of meetings should you use or not use?
  • Three Management Tips for Bring In More Money  By : Daryl Cowie
    Three managment tips on how to increase the amount of money coming into your company: increase the number of customers, increase the average value of each sale, and find ways to make repeat sales more frequently.
  • Recruitment Ethics  By : Jacob Gan
    It is important to follow ethics rules during the hiring process. Many research results had concluded that ethical hiring process almost always resulted in better applicants being selected for the jobs. Since an organization's performance is determined mainly by her human resource, we can deduce that ethical recruitment process leads to better performance by the organization. In this article we suggest six recruitment rules for consideration to make sure that ethics are observed during the recruitment process.
  • Management Tip: The Only 2 Ways to Grow Your Business  By : Daryl Cowie
    There are two, and only two, ways to make your business more profitable. You either need more money coming in or less money going out, period.
  • Management Tip: Basic Business Organization  By : Daryl Cowie
    Since the primary purpose of a successful business is to help customers with their problems, it stands to reason that a business would be organized around the way customers look at problems.
  • Management Tip: How People Find Solutions  By : Daryl Cowie
    Understanding why people want things is the first step. If you want to turn that knowledge into good business management practices then you must also understand what people do when once they decide to find a solution to their problem.
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