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  • The Basic of GPS  By : Charles Godbout
    By now, you've likely heard about this hot new technology called GPS. Handheld GPS receivers are popular items that are being used by everyone from outdoors enthusiasts to average drivers. But, how many of us really understand the technology behind these modern night and day receivers?

  • Popular GSP Devices  By : Eugene Brenner
    The global positioning system (GPS) was developed by the US Department of Defense and is officially known as NAVSTAR GPS. Initially, the global positioning system was available only to the US military and government, but after a period of time the system was made available for commercial use. Today, GPS is used by people from all walks of life and advances in technology have made possible integration of GPS receivers into all types of handheld devices, even modern day cell phones come equipped with GPS receivers. To better understand GPS, it is important to understand how GPS works.
  • GPS and PDA Bring TLC to Your Travels  By : Rainer Cassell
    Traveling used to mean packing along detailed and illegible maps and compasses of questionable reliability. Given the number of times travelers had to stop and pull over to check a map, it's a wonder that we ever traveled at all! These days, modern travelers can easily find their way with a small hand held wonder called a GPS receiver.
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