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  • Causes and Solutions of Frequent Aquarium Fish Deaths  By : Pooja Rani
    Aquarium tank fish death is one of the common challenges faced by aquarists. There are number of factors that could be responsible for the deaths experienced. These are outlined briefly below:

    - The aquarist selection of fish.
    - The removal and packing of the fish from the pet shop
    - Transport time and period and the handling of the fish in transit
    - Quarantine procedure.
    - Adjustment and adaptation into the new community or environment by the new fish.

    When buying fish from the pet shop
  • How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Insect  By : Craig Smith
    A Silverfish is about 1/2 inch long, with a uniform silvery color over the upper surface. Their bodies are long and slender, flattened. The bodies are broad at the front, and gradually tapering toward the rear. Silverfish females may lay over 100 eggs during a lifetime. Eggs are laid singly or two to three at a time in small groups, hatching in three to six weeks. Young silverfish and firebrats resemble adults except being smaller, white and take on the adult color in four to six weeks.
  • Do You Need An Aquarium Chiller? Take the Pains to Consider the Basics  By : Mack SEO
    Aquarium chillers can be very imperative to the lives of your valuable aquatics especially during temperate seasons. During the warmer parts of the year, it has been noted that tanks, containers and reservoirs easily get heated up and the existence of your aquatics are threatened. A greater portion of aquatics are taken from very cold waters and there is always the need to reproduce these environments through aquarium chillers.
  • A night out in in Murcia (Edition 1).  By :
    A "rough" guide to bars in Murcia City.
  • Common Fish Illness  By : Grace Weir
    Everybody loves fish. These little creatures bring happiness and joy to our lives. From the well known guppy (also known as the million fish due to its popularity) to the exotic Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, ornamental fish have won our hearts.
    If you want something new for your house, think about fish and aquariums… big aquariums, because they go with these times’ fashion. The little golden fish wondering alone around his bowl seems to be long forgotten.
  • Why Fish Make Great First Pets  By : Charles Kassotis
    Getting a child her or his first pet is much easier when that pet is a fish.
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