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  • Confusions about manufactured homes and foundations!  By : Richard Oliver
    One of the most frustrating things for manufactured home owners in the last few years has been the changing emphasis on type of foundations on their understructures in order to qualify for loans.
  • Science Fiction Writing - Ten Cliches to Avoid  By : William Meikle
    Adoption into the mainstream makes science fiction both easy to sell, and hard to write without seeming tired and cliched. Here are ten situations you should steer away from, and some variations to consider if you're determined to proceed.
  • A Psychics Philosophy On And Insight Into Authentic Writing Style  By : Frederick Gimino
    Being a psychic and owning a psychic website requires writing for the mean reader. Unfortunately, the act of crystallizing thoughts into coded words to create a primary text from a dynamic creative thought process often leaves lingering questions. These Questions, often regard the authenticity and true meaning of the primary text.
  • Adult ADHD: Are You An Idea Machine?  By : Tellman Knudson & Stephanie Frank
    It's true: people with Adult ADHD come up with 10 more great ideas in a single day than people without Adult ADHD do in a week. Problem is, we get distracted by these new ideas and don't ever finish the old ones! Find out the trick to using your new ideas without getting distracted from your main go
  • About Creativity  By : Ken Charnley
    What is creativity?
    Creativity is an act of faith and an art of discovery. It is the ability of a person to create something that is new to world based upon an innovation. Example: When an apple felt on the head of Newton he formulated laws of motion which are the basis of many present day calculations. When Sir Thomas Alva Edison analyzed the need of light to fight with dark in night, this analysis guided him in the invention of electric bulb.
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