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  • Company Markets Coffee-Flavored Condoms in Ethiopia  By : Ken Brower-10301
    In a recent study performed in Ethiopia, close to a million people were tested for HIV. Of those million subjects, over seven percent tested positive for HIV. As grim as these statistics may sound, consider this: the previous year's study found over five percent of the subjects tested positive for HIV. That is a 26% increase within one year. In a country where the HIV/AIDS epidemic is at an all-time high and is home to ten percent of our world's HIV cases, there is a mad scramble to promote anything that will slow the sweeping epidemic.
  • Voices in my Head: Hush Little Baby...Upon Further Review  By : Artie Leary-15433
    Last night my older daughter was having trouble falling asleep so I crawled into bed with her to provide some comfort. As she drifted off I was left there alone in my thoughts to listen to some of her lullabies. One song, “Hush Little Baby” got me thinking. I’d like to take you through the lyrics and propose a few questions and a couple comments and see if you agree that maybe we shouldn’t be singing this song to our young ones any more.
  • “Some of the humorous latest Sardar jokes”  By : Rahul Roy
    If you visit Indian and some neighboring countries of it, you’ll hear lots of bone tickling jokes. And among all funny and humorous jokes you’ll certainly hear Sardar jokes.
  • Fonejacker - Funny Prank Calls  By : Carlina Sophia-15791
    If you have not had a chance to look at the latest Channel 4 series fonejacker, but seem to come across it where ever you go, here is a quick overview of the super hit series.
  • Voices in my Head: Search Engines  By : Artie Leary-15433
    It's almost alarming the effects on communication that a generation gap can have.
  • Laugh and the Work World Laughs With You  By : Craig Harrisons Expressions of Excellence-13763
    Your best defense against stress, boredom, frustration and futility in the workplace can be summed up simply: have more fun at work. Learn to laugh at work and the world laughs with you. Learn strategies and approaches to infuse more fun into your work routine and environment. Just say Ha!
  • “It is real fun to watch them go crazy”  By : Rahul Roy
    Jokes are always preferred by kids and children. It is a fact, most of the jokes are created focusing children in their mind. You also might have experienced… it is real fun to watch the stupid and crazy acts of children and kids either in their home with their mother or at school with teachers. No matter what children and kids jokes are always liked by every one.
  • A special mark in the cyber world of unique wallpapers and photo gallery  By : Santa Banta
    Santabanta wallpapers are very famous with their visitors. They have unique outlook than the other wallpapers on the internet. The quality and the backgrounds of the wallpapers are main attraction for the viewers. It has free download so it’s easy for the viewers to download as many as wallpapers they want.
  • Santa Banta - Two characters that are now synonymous with Punjab & Punjabi humor  By : Santa Banta’s strength lies in its inherent humor. For humor is very serious business indeed. However, in case you are thinking that this website is all about jokes, and then when you visit santabanta, you will be delightfully surprised because you’ll find much more than that here.
  • Free e-cards for greeting festival season with No Purchase required  By : Santa Banta is the largest Indian Punjabi website and one of the leading entertainment websites in the world. It specializes in humor, wallpapers, e-cards. It’s an excellent online entertainment portal, catering to different tastes. When you visit, you enter the home of Santa and Banta, the two characters that are now synonymous with Punjab and Punjabi humor. However, humor is only one of the facets of santabanta. A very exciting section that santabanta specializes in is the e
  • Wondering as what kind of jokes are bar jokes?  By : Rahul Roy
    Among the funny jokes to crack, most of the people prefer to choose the bar jokes. In fact, bar jokes are those in which a drunkard’s funny side is taken into consideration to make laughter. It may be associated with bar or drunk people.
  • Home Video Technology  By : temp
    Back then, each household only had one television set to use for their entertainment. It was usually located in the family room or in the living room. Everyone would gather in these rooms in order to watch their favorite shows together.
  • InterSpecies Communication: Why Is It Doomed  By : Sharon Gerad
    Educate yourself on the specific cunningness and thoughtfulness used by the female sex for turning the man into a crazed maniac. Read some laughable parables.
  • Psychology of jokes  By : Mar
    Why do we laugh at jokes?
  • Stand up comedian or bubble blower?  By : _Matt Canham
    Learning to swim is like learning stand up comedy. This article will have you blowing comedy bubbles in no time.
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