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  • You Can Stop Cat Spraying in Your Home  By : Annie Clark
    Cat spraying can cause horrible odors in your home and ruin your belongings. If you can determine why your cat sprays, you can find ways to address the problem.
  • Choosing the right cat scratching post  By : James Ficondy
    Why cats scratch furniture and what to look for in a scratching post that will make your cat actually want to use it. Different types of scratching post options that may actually enhance the look of a home.
  • Cat Kidney Disease-A Brief Overview  By : Catharine Wells
    If you're a cat owner, you want to ensure that your feline friend enjoys the happiest and healthiest life possible. In order to help make this possible, it's important for you, as the pet owner, to be educated about feline health issues.
  • Cat Hyperthyroidism-A Brief Introduction  By : Catharine Wells
    As cat owners, there's nothing more distressing than finding out that your feline friend is sick. In the case of a disorder such as feline hyperthyroidism, the consequences can be severe and have the potential to rob your pet of its health, comfort, and even its life.
  • Cat Cancer-A Brief Explanation  By : Catharine Wells
    For cat owners, there's nothing more terrifying and distressing than to find out that your beloved feline companion has developed a malignant tumor or tumors. In order to give your cat the best chance to survive a case of feline cancer, it's important to seek treatment as soon as possible.
  • Top Five Tips for a Healthy Cat  By : Craig Elliott
    While you've certainly come across many a stray cat who seem to be making it on their own, the truth is that cats are meant to be pets, cared for by humans. In fact, if you think about it, you'll realize that the majority of those stray cats you've encountered have likely appeared thin, weak, hungry, dirty, unkempt, and ill-looking.
  • Persian cat: Chocolate and Lilac color  By : Jessica Jennings
    Chocolate or lilac Persians?

    Can it be possible? I, as an owner, breeding Persians and exots, pose myself such a problem quite recently. Of, course they exist, if to see from genetic point of view.
  • Keeping your Kitten Healthy  By : Andy F
    There's a huge assortment of products and foods that are designed to help keep your kitten fit and healthy. Finding out which products will be best for your cat can often be found out by visiting a veterinary clinic.
  • Nine Behavioral Causes Of A Cat Litter Box Problem  By : Kurt Schmitt..
    A cat litter box problem stems from one of two kinds of causes. The first is physical, which I've discussed in another article, and the second is behavioral. Today, we're going to look at some of the behavioral causes.
  • Four Reasons Why You Have A Cat Litter Box Problem  By : Kurt Schmitt..
    There are two main causes for a cat litter box problem. One is behavioral, and the other is physical. Before assuming it's a behavioral problem, you should always bring your cat to the vet so that you can rule out any physical causes.
  • Adopting An Adult Cat - The Pros and Cons  By : Charley Huang
    Want a pet cat but do not know whether to get a cat or a kitten? There are advantages to getting a grown cat as a pet, but of course, one of the biggest disadvantages is that you will miss out on all the cuteness and adorable factors of a kitten that a grown cat does not have.
  • Do I need a cat furniture?  By : Guido Nussbaum
    There are different kinds of cat furniture you can choose from like cat condos, cat trees and others. Depending on where you live and what kind of design you prefer, you have different choices of cat furniture.
  • Pet Care 101- Grooming Your Cat  By : Ken Charnley
    As an owner, it is your main responsibility to keep your pet animal clean, healthy and happy. If you have a pet cat, you will not have much trouble grooming them because they basically keep themselves clean. Cats have a natural tongue-bathing habit which keeps their coats clean and shiny. In spite of the fact that cats can take care of themselves when it comes to grooming, you should still do your part as an owner in keeping your feline friends well-groomed.
  • Choosing the better cat litter  By : Ken Charnley
    Cat litters used in the olden days, meaning prior to the commercial cat litters now found in neighborhood grocery stores, are literally litters. Usually these were dirt gathered from gardens.
  • Cat Health: Litter Training ABC's  By : Ken Charnley
    One of the most daunting tasks that you have as a cat owner is litter-training them. You would not want them to soil your bed sheet or wet your favorite furniture. In litter-training your pet cat, make sure that you start while they are young kittens and they will surely carry this habit as they grow.
  • I Dub Thee - Sir Kitty: How to Name Your Cat  By : Ken Charnley
    When T.S. Elliot wrote in a poem (The naming of cats) the lines ď(when) I tell you, a cat must have three different namesí, he must have owned a cat. Many cat owners would have to agree that finding a catís name is both a serious and a fun thing to do and that a catís name barely lasts a whole year before they find a new, better and apt name for their pets.
  • The Importance of Treats While Training Your Cat  By : Ken Charnley
    The felis domesticus, or simply cats, are known for its sharp senses. In fact, most zoologists assert that cats have the best senses among mammals. This is because they have sharp sense of hearing, smelling, and keen eyesight.
  • Potty Training for Cats  By : Ken Charnley
    Initially, cat toilet trainers should know that cats learn one trick at a time. Changes are made after a first trick is mastered. A cats' motto: "Slowly but surely." The capacity of cats to learn differ and so are expectations, control them to avoid disappointment.
  • Tips on Training Cats for Harness  By : Ken Charnley
    Starting at age six months, a cat can start to undergo the training. Confine the cat in order to diminish its need to wander. It is very vital that the right harness is purchased and used since a cat can easily struggle and free itself from the leash if a puny one is used. The harness should be of sturdy yet of comfortable quality, one that is specially made for cats.
  • How to Deal with Feline Manners  By : Ken Charnley
    Cats find security in their own territory. They establish a special place where they can eat, sleep, and where they can hunt and play with their mates. There are signs which cats use to mark their home base by spraying, leaving urine and feces, scratching, and even rubbing. These marks provide vital information about their age, sex, and health, thus preventing any close encounters with rival cats.
  • How to Correct a Cat in Cat Training  By : Ken Charnley
    Punishing is the hardest part in training a pet especially with cat. There are many ways a trainer can punish the cat. It can be through words, actions or something physical. However, there are things that need to be considered when punishing a cat during cat training.
  • How to Choose the Best Cat Training Supplies  By : Ken Charnley
    Choosing the supplies needed for training a cat need not be expensive. What is important is to know the supplies that are really needed for training and are found to be the most effective. Choosing the cat training supplies needed is never complicated. The only thing that needs to be considered is to determine what the cat owner would like to improve in the behavior of the cat.
  • Tips on Choosing a Toilet Training Kit for Cats  By : Ken Charnley
    One major problem encountered by pet owners of cats is the litter. Cats litter everywhere especially when they are not trained to litter in the proper places. It is recommended that cats be trained to litter in proper places to avoid dirt and unwanted smell inside the household.
  • Finding the Right Litter Box for the Cat  By : Ken Charnley
    Before bringing home a cat for a pet, one should do some research on what items are needed to make this feline friend of yours feel comfortable indoors. Since such pets are not yet toilet trained, it is important to get a litter box to train the cat on where to go when nature calls. Doing this will save the person time and effort cleaning up the waste the creature has left in various places of oneís home.
  • Training Different Breeds of Cats  By : Ken Charnley
    There are many cat breeds available and one should do some research on the behavior of each kind before getting any as a pet. Cats in general are not like dogs who want to please the owner. W hen this creature wants to perform a trick or something, it is because the animal finds it amusing and will continue to do so as long as it is having fun.
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