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  • How Voice Coaching Improves Employability for Actors  By : Shane Ann Younts
    One of the most important coaches that an actor can turn to is a voice and speech coach. A voice coach teaches the actor to develop a clear, resonant, interesting voice so that he or she will have the tools necessary to compete in a very competitive profession.
  • How To Achieve Victory From Your Article Submissions  By : S Craig
    One of the best ways, and my most productive way to drive traffic to your site is through writing and submitting articles. Over time you will also make a name for yourself as an expert in your field of interest. In order to gain victory from your articles, be sure and take the time to put some extra effort into your writing.

    When your short of ideas and need to find some fresh new content, look at blogs, major news sites, and article sites for your topics of interest. Bookmark these favorite
  • Art in the Digital Age - What it takes to Make Masterpieces  By : Grant Eckert
    As our society and our technology have changed, so have our definitions of art. What was only relegated to canvases and pieces of paper can now be found on websites and on video sharing services. So the question becomes what a masterpiece in our eyes is now that we can create them virtually with the help of a computer and a few basic production programs. Here are some of the tools that you might want to employ if you're looking to become the next virtual artist celebrity.
  • Art and How it Benefits the Brain  By : Grant Eckert
    Many people question the purpose of art. They acknowledge an aesthetic approach but ignore any possible positive benefits of a more practical nature. Contrary to popular belief, art is not purely aesthetic. It is not a product with no possible effects outside of the obvious - an "artistic" product. Art is not of less use than science in preparing individuals for the "real" world. In fact, the contrary is true. Art is very important in helping the brain reach its full potential.
  • Three Things to Look for in an Art School  By : Grant Eckert
    If you are planning to enter an art school, you should be aware there are a number of options from which to choose. Sit down and consider several important personal characteristics. These will help you in the process. First, list what your goals are. Do you wish to teach art? What medium do you wish to work in? Are you planning to become a graphic artist, a portrait painter or a commercial artist?
  • Art's Impact on Society  By : Grant Eckert
    Art is an extremely private experience, yet, it is meant to be shared with the public. Society, as a whole, examines the art produced and has the right to approve, disapprove, acknowledge, ignore, praise and abuse it. The public or society has not remained constant over the years. In the time of the Renaissance, for example, only a select few were "society."
  • Lawrence Alma-Tadema Biography Of An Artist In The Antique Style  By : Bianca Tavares
    A successful artist throughout his lengthy career, retaining his popularity up to this very day, this article examines the many historical influences that created the hallmarks of one of the most popular European artists and the originator of the antique style of painting - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.
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