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eBay: Secrets For A Successful Wholesale Empire

Selling On eBay: Secrets For A Successful Wholesale Empire

Have you seen those big star certified powerseller identifications given to certain amount of eBay sellers on numerous auctions? They are everywhere on eBay. There are certain requirements you need in order to become a money making powerseller giant on eBay, and ultimately own a wholesale empire through successful selling.

I’m going to discuss the most important start-up knowledge and tools you need for a successful powerseller monthly experience and clarify many of the myths that have been around on the net for years.

Powerseller Secret Number 1: In order to start in the right track for a successful eBay power selling experience you need to know learn how to do online research. It is truly vital that once you decide to start a business, you start with the vital step named “research”.

How to do online eBay research? For the sake of the article I am going to discuss the manual free way of doing it immediately. There are many paid tools you can use to cut your research time, however, getting to know how to do research on your own is highly recommended.

First, you need to go to eBay’s home page and on the left side of the main page you will see multiple categories. You will then search and locate a category, once you have located the appropriate category for your niche, you will do a search on eBay for main keywords relating to that niche category you have selected and see how much popularity and competition there is for that certain category.

If you did a search and found over 20,000 or more listings for that certain keyword and niche, you know that you find a profitable niche, however, the only draw to such niche is that competition is very high. If you are a seasoned starter on eBay, I will not recommend starting up a business in such high competitive category since you are most likely to stumble hard at the beginning and most likely will end up later on saying, that making an online business on eBay does not work and that the ultimate way to profit from it, is if you started from the beginning, big time myth. I have mad e$1,000’s by selling in high competitive niches, you just need to do the right research and get some background experience to support possible flaws you will possibly encounter.

So my recommendation for your first step. Do a wide research relating your item that you feel passionate and try it only if you already have some selling experience on such auction portal. An experience seller is someone that has at least 200 feedbacks or more. If you are starting on such auction giant, start making your own garage sell and learn how selling process works by trying different selling angles, presentations and items. You will plenty of experience by then.

Powerseller Secret Number 2: Selecting a real wholesaler or distributor. It is imperative to choose a correct wholesaler or distributor for your item(s). Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of middleman scams in the wholesale industry. It is vital that you know your potential wholesaler and distributor background. How do you search for such hidden gems?

Again, you can do it manually or you can pay for a list of potential distributors in your field. However, be warned that 98% of those wholesale list around the same eBay search are completely outdated and incorrect, just to confirm it in fancy words.

You need to know that a real wholesaler does not advertise on the search engines of the Internet. They don’t need to. A real distributor as well a genuine wholesaler gets plenty of business already from offline corporations. It is imperative that you understand this fact.

So how do you find one for your eBay experiment? You search for a top dollar wholesale list that can support their claims or reach a top successful seller to advice you in exchange of compensation.

I have done both, and thanks to it I have been very much profitable for it. The simplest way to get a good list of a true distributor and wholesaler is to pay an authority wholesale company or guy for this. Many successful business entrepreneurs will be willing to give a list of phone numbers and website address to get more information and top sources for different kind of items. Make sure to offer top dollar for this and they will most likely give you such sources as most of the business starters that ask for such list, never take the business serious or make it because they don’t follow the top step mentioned above.

The other way around is to send the eBay seller an email asking him for a distributor list. As long as your business does not conflict with him or is potential competition to him, you won’t have a problem. Make sure to prepare a nice one hundred word letter with a simple inquiry.

Most people don’t follow this primary steps and fail. The steps probably look simple or ridiculous, but they work and I as many others had made $1,000’s on eBay thanks to following the right steps and correct diligence.

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Joaquin Reveron is successful wholesale business consultant. Trainer and wholesale marketing agent for online and offline businesses. Wholesale Video Games is one of the topics discussed at www.videogamesmystery.com .

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