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You have a Website but no Traffic? Here's some Help.
Author: Michael Hehn

If you start any kind of business in the internet and you have your own website then you will know that to have sales you must have traffic, but not just any traffic it has to be targeted traffic.

So what is Targeted traffic? Target traffic means that you have visitors to your website that are really interested in what your website is about. For example, people interested in buying real estate in Spain will find websites that offer real estates in Spain interesting.

That leaves you with the big question how can you get targeted traffic. Below I will show you some tried and tested methods:

Participate in forums:
Subscribe to forums that discuss your topic or related themes. You should answer questions and join in the debates there. Try to become an expert in the field and show your knowledge to the other members. Then with each article reply you write have a discreet link to your website in the signature file. What can be placed in your signature is often determined by the forum moderators. So first you should have a look in the rules of each forum. Do not spam the forum or you will be stopped from posting. This is one of the most productive ways of getting free traffic as those who click your link have already read and liked your style.

Build incoming and outgoing links to other websites:
Therefore you should contact website owners that have similar but not competitive websites to yours, ask them for a reciprocal link from their website to yours. Be sure to select your link partner to match closely your customer profile. Software programs such as Arelis are very helpful in this process. It's a helpful habit to link first to the other website before asking for a backlink.

Write articles about your topic:
Write rich of content articles about your topic and submit it to article directories. But don't forget to add your bio box on the bottom of the article with some information about you and don't forget to mention your website. This is a very useful startegy as it gives you plenty of links to your site and it will make you known as an expert in your field.

Advertise in e-zines:
Contact e-zine owners that have your target readership and buy advertisements from them. Be sure to have a test run to see that the return on investment is sufficient to cover the costs involved. If you are buying an extended run of advertisements haggle with the e-zine owner over price. You may save a considerable amount.

Create a newsletters:
As you know people like freebies. When people visit your website offer them something of value for free if they sign up to your newsletter (like an e-Book). Your newsletter should be written tightly geared towards your topic. It should be published regularly at weekly intervals.

Create your own e-book:
If possible then create your own e-book. These are usually free informational books for your clients and for others to give away free if they leave your links in the book itself. You can place links back to your website in the books you sell or give to your clients.

Find joint venture partners:
With this strategy you can use the channels of etablished marketers. Contact online marketers looking for new products to sell. They often have large mailing lists with eager to buy customers. Normally they are willing to email their list for a cut of the sale price. This works particularly well with informational products. It has several advantages. It can give a very sizeable boost to both your sales and mailing list within a very short period.

And for sure you can buy traffic:
This is probably the cheapest in terms of time and most expensive money wise. It gives a traffic boost normally within 30 days. What are you buying? You are buying traffic from expired domain names which the company selling the traffic has bought. They are domain names still registered on the search engines which get a considerable amount of traffic. The previous domain name owners have either lost interest in the name or simply forgot to renew the registration. This means that the traffic from the expired domain name is simply redirected to your website. This is usually high quality traffic as only websites with traffic such as you want is redirected to you. As always, a test run to see if this traffic is suitable should be undertaken.

When you combine these techniques and apply them consistently over time you will find a rich source of targeted traffic coming to your website. This, combined with quality products will ensure the success of your online business.

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