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Will Angelina Jolie Receive Flowers When Her Baby Is Born?
Author: Wesley Berry

If Brad Pitt knows anything about the impact of flowers, he'll be certain to send a big, beautiful bouquet or arrangement to soon-to-be mother of his child, Angelina Jolie.

Flowers are a traditional gift sent to new mothers for many reasons: they have a wonderful impact on the emotions of all who see them; they can be personalized to the individual and the occasion, and they're easy to order. But, when is the best time to send flowers to a new mother and what kinds of flowers should you send? Well, there really are no limits, but I do have some suggestions.

In terms of the timing of your gift, consider having the flowers delivered to the new mom's home after she brings the baby home. Don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful thing to receive flowers in the hospital, but nowadays new mothers don't typically stay in the hospital more than a few days before being released. Also, that short time in the hospital is usually a flurry of activity with first feedings, first baths, and many visitors. Although your beautiful flowers will brighten up her room, she won't have much time to enjoy them. When those hectic few days are over, the family then has to carry the new baby, the personal belongings of mom and baby, any gifts received during the stay, and all the flowers out of the hospital, fit them into the car, and transport them all home—hopefully without any items spilling. On the other hand, if you send the flowers to her home a few days after the birth of the baby, the new mom will have had time to relax a bit, will be able to enjoy your wonderful gift, and she won't have to move them from the special place she chooses to display them.

Now, on to the question of what kind of flowers you should give. Well, there are the traditional gifts of either pink or blue flowers depending on the gender of the baby. These arrangements are often presented in baskets adorned with charming stuffed bears or other baby toys. The popularity of these arrangements comes from the simple fact that they are well liked. You're not likely to go wrong when choosing a traditional arrangement.

However, if you'd like to give a gift of flowers that truly stands out, take into consideration the new mother's personality, favorite colors, and favorite flowers. Tell your florist a little about the new mom and the feeling you'd like the flowers to portray. For example, if the new mom is very trendy and loves bright colors, let your florist know. He or she can then make a gift that says "congratulations on your new baby" in a way that is as unique as the new mom herself.

That said, what do you suppose an Angelina Jolie-esque maternity arrangement reflecting her non-traditional views and strong personality would look like? I'd love to be the florist given that challenge!

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Wesley Berry is the President of Wesley Berry Flowers, a multi-million dollar business established in 1946. Visit Wesley Berry Flowers on the web at www.800wesleys.com

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