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Why You Should Get Your Herbal Medicine From A Herbalist Or Make It Yourself
Author: Christopher Scipio

We need plants, they don’t need us. They give us oxygen, building materials, food and medicine. We give them little except disrespect and destruction. They would be better off if we were not around. They will still be here long after we are no longer around.

Plants are living, evolving, complex life forms and are not just a package of chemicals for our exploitation as scientists would like us to believe. They are the true masters of chemistry and can produce medicines far past our ability to even conceive.

When we turn to plants for healing, the energy and vitality of the plant/s in the plant medicine is just as important if not more so than the chemicals we wish to extract. Failing to even acknowledge the energetics of herbal medicine is one of the many failures of the cold, superficial approach of the drug companies. It’s no wonder that plant medicine produces so few side-effects and virtually no deaths while synthetic drugs kill hundreds of thousands of people annually- and I’m not speaking of deaths from improper use, this is the number of people killed by proper use of pharmaceutical drugs.

When you buy so-called herbal medicine or natural medicine from the internet or health food stores or wherever, you are likely buying products brutally mass-produced on industrial machines that are the equivalent of the Kraft Dinners of plant medicine. You are receiving an impersonally made product rather than a medicine made by a professional medicine-maker. Herbal medicine has always been made and should be made either by a herbalist or by yourself. When you take the healer out of the medicine-making process you de-humanize the medicine. You end up getting cold, sterile, dead products made with the same manufacturing processes as a pharmaceutical drug with the same mentality as a pharmaceutical drug- namely to make a product with the least amount of expense, that is sterile and uniform, has no relationship to nature and that maximizes the companies profit.

If you want a product that in no way tastes like, smells like, looks like or feels like the plant/s it came from and likely has had it’s molecules re-arranged to protect the companies position in the marketplace go ahead, but don’t fool yourself into believing that you are taking real herbal medicine.

If you’d like more of my thoughts on this read my article “The natural health products hustle” at http://www.natropractica.com/hustle.html

Is your herbal medicine in a liquid form? We evolved from the sea, as did all life on this planet. You body is more than 80% liquid. The planet is 70% liquid. Plants are mostly liquid. Real herbal medicine is liquid. The tradition for the past 30,000 years or more is to make herbal medicine in the form of teas, decoctions and tinctures. The reason for this is that these forms preserve the energy and chemistry of the plants the best and liquid medicine like liquid foods are the easiest things for your body to assimilate. If you prefer capsules or pills to liquid remedies it’s because you don’t have enough respect for the plants you are turning to for help to be willing to experience their taste, aroma and energy. In that case maybe your should stick to those little coloured pills from the drug companies.

Do you know who made your herbal medicine?. Who made your medicine and how it was made is just if not more important than what is in the medicine. For the best in plant medicine your medicine should be made by a herbalist or by you. Someone who will make your medicine with integrity and with the right thoughts and intentions. Someone who will only use healthy, ethically harvested plants. Someone who will not compromise on quality to make more money. If you would like to read more of my thoughts on this read my article “Why I love making my own remedies” at http://www.natropractica.com/Why%20I...dies.htm

Do you know where your medicine was made and what kind of energy it absorbed while being made?

When you take your herbal medicine can you feel, smell, taste or see anything of the plant/s used to make that medicine?

How does the medicine make you feel when you put it in your body? Does it make you feel connected or disconnected to the plants? Does it make you feel connected or disconnected to the person who made it? Does it make you feel connected or disconnected in general?

You can read more about how I make my own remedies here

Unless you can answer yes to all of the above questions you are not taking real herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has been the main healing modality for human beings since the beginning and even today it continues to be the main source of medicine for 70% of the world’s population. More and more people in the richest countries of world are rejecting pharmaceutical drugs and their dangerous side-effects and returning to herbal medicine. If you wish to get the best that plant medicine has to offer get your herbal medicine from a herbalist or learn how to make it yourself.

Christopher Scipio
African Bush Doctor

Article Source: http://www.myarticlepub.com - Free Reprint Articles

Coming from a long-line of African-Caribbean traditional healers who have never forgotten the power and importance of plant medicine, Christopher Scipio has 15 years of experience in treating herpes, cervical dysplasia, menopause and peri-menopuase, pain management, anxiety, digestive disorders, and other conditions. www.natropractica.com

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