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Why Choose A Plasma Television?
Author: Mark Barnes

Why Choose A Plasma TV

Still watching your programs on a standard CRT television?

Heard a lot about Plasma Television recently, but not sure why you would benefit from having this latest technology sitting in your living room?

Well, lets start with the basics, without the jargon! What is a Plasma Television?

Plasma televisions are a new type of display that uses technology different from other televisions. Although, Plasma televisions are not a new invention, but it has only been up until recently that this new technology is able to be produced cheaply enough for the consumer.

Plasma televisions use gas such as Xenon or Neon between two glass panels. Between these two panels are over 1 million pixels capable of producing over 16 million colours.

The gas is excited by a charge from an electrode, one pixel of the display, turning it into plasma. The pixels are illuminated by the plasma gas, producing the three primary colours and all the colours in between, creating the display we see on screen. A processor in the Plasma television controls which pixels are illuminated to which colour, controlling the images displayed.

How would a Plasma Television Benefit Me?

Plasma Televisions now are available in a range of sizes, alike the CRT. But the first main difference is the weight and size between both.

Due to the large glass tubes in the CRT televisions, these make them extremely heavy and bulky. As Plasma televisions do not have the glass tube, they are light in comparison, and due to their slim design, can be wall mounted or freestanding.

As mentioned before, due to the amount of pixels on the screen, the viewer would benefit from improved picture quality, sharper images, more vibrant colours with better saturation. Due to the nature of the technology within the Plasma television, the image wonít get distorted from magnetism, even if you place you speaker above, below or to the side of the screen. Plasma televisions also benefit from high ambience light tolerance and better contrast, pure flat screen and a slim design.

Plasma televisions have better response times as opposed to LCD Televisions, and wider viewing angels at 160 degrees.

In addition to this, most Plasma Televisions have connections to connect to your Personal Computer system, which provide a large viewing area than the traditional computer screens.

So, with the better picture quality, slim and light weight design, compatibility, and latest technology, why not choose a plasma television?

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