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What You Need To Know When You Buy A DVD Player
Author: Jim Johnson

DVDs are the standard for viewing movies now as VHS tapes are quickly becoming a relic of the electronics world past. And technology continues to improve, making more and more features available on DVD players to keep up with the advancing high definition formats. So when you go hunting for a DVD player, what should you be looking for to make sure that you stay up with the current technology? Here is a list for your consideration:

* These days it just makes sense to get a DVD player that is a progressive scan model. Older players didn't have to be progressive scan because conventional TV sets could not display the images that way. Older sets display every other line at a time on the TV screen, which is called "interlacing". The newer HDTV formats call for displaying all of the lines on the screen at the same time and that is called progressive scan. The difference is that progressive scan makes a smoother picture appearance since the whole screen is being displayed all the time. Since all TV sets of the future will be using progressive scan for their displays, it's a good idea to opt for that feature now.

* If you like to play your own homemade DVDs you need to verify that the player you select can handle that format such as DVD-R, and DVD+R. Check and see whether they can also play DVD+RW discs and DVD-RAM discs if you use those formats.

* Portable DVD players are widely available these days too, but watch the power consumption on these units. Some use quite a bit more power than others. Try to get a model that promises playback of three hours or more.

* Before you buy, it's a good idea to make sure that the connections from your DVD player will match up well with both your TV set and your stereo receiver if you use one in a home theater system.

* If you like to have your DVD player also double as a CD player for music, consider getting a multi-disc unit that will allow you to play several hours of music without your having to change discs on a regular basis.

Today's DVD players are versatile pieces of equipment that perform an essential job in any home entertainment setup, so use the suggestions above to help you make wise choices when you buy a DYD player.

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