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Vacation Rental or Holiday Home Advertising at a Bargain Price
Author: Milan Matchev

You have a vacation rental or holiday home and want to rent it? OK, but how and where and how much it will costs? There are so many questions that every vacation property owner has. It is certain that vacation rentals advertising is not allays expensive.

There are literally hundreds of holiday home directories and vacation rental sites that you can use to advertise your vacation rental property. Some of them are well established, others are brand new. Some of them are beautiful with nice design, others are simple vacation property listing. With so many sites to choose from, you shouldn't stick with one or two of the expensive sites! I can assure you, that the most "new" vacation rentals websites have better service, than many "established" sites. They are young, flexible and motivated and they offer advertising at a bargain price.

There are lots of factors to consider before paying sums of money to advertise your vacation property website.

The most important are:

- Ensure that the vacation rentals site is cost effective. Check if there is a free trial or a special offer ( e.g. arrangeyourvacation.com offers "premium" advertising of holiday homes for 1$ per month and standard listings are even free of charge).

- Do you want to advertise on one web site - with annual advertisements typically around $130-$160 per year or you want to spread your offers on many "bargain" web sites?

- Chose vacation rental sites that specifically target travellers to a specific region or country in which you have your property. ( e.g. mexico-holiday-homes.com, italy-vacation-homes.com or greece-holiday-homes.com).

- Consider user-friendly vacation rentals sites with nice features, such as the ability to search by keyword or search for properties that are available for specific dates and than you can save the founded "favorite" properties.

- Ensure that the vacation rentals site offers the ability to modify your listing and photos and allow you to update your availability calendar.

- It is helpful, if the site offers tracking of statistics, as number of times your site was viewed as well as the enquiries that you have received.

Summary: You should list on as much as possible vacation rental sites to maximize your bookings, but chose carefully and don't pay more than necessary! The Price is not allays mark of quality!

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