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Tip Top Personal Injury Advice
Author: Julian Hall

To avoid losing out on possible compensation the following advice would stand good although it is not legal advice.

1. Upon becoming a victim of an accident, make sure that to speak to an experienced trial lawyer to obtain specific advice. Normally lawyers do not charge anything to provide advice in an emergency.

2. In case you cannot reach a lawyer, make sure that you make a record and preserve the evidence. Making a record involves making a police report or a compensation report for on-the-job accidents etc. In case you need medical attention, hospital records will prove the injuries. You can also make a record of injuries at home by reporting to a doctor or a hospital to receive treatment.

In case of food poisoning, immediately report to the health department regarding the restaurant or the store involved. Always get checked up medically even if you do not have superficial injuries. The symptoms of impact and shock may take upto 12 to 24 hours to develop. All keep the doctor updated with truth otherwise your claim may tantamount to fraud later. Follow the doctor’s advice to the “T”.

Always tell the doctor if “something is not right” or even if it is “no big thing” or if you are just “shaken up” and things like dizziness, dry mouth or even a nagging headache. The doctor’s diagnosis depends upon your information.

Keep a record of the post accident events and work schedules, therapies and treatments for later reference.

3. Preserving the evidence involves taking into custody the item that has caused the injury. Even if it is a wreckage of a car, buy it and keep it under lock and key.

Major manufacturers and users of most bug vehicles try to outwit you by buying off the wreckages, to deny you evidence.

If you cannot buy the evidence due to ownership or any other issues, keep everyone abreast of the information by sending certified mail including the owners, towing service operators, wreck yards, police and try to take appropriate steps to preserve the evidence directly or indirectly. Use restraining orders to secure evidence if necessary in case the owners are not willing to preserve the evidence.

4. Always take photographs of the accident site and preserve them. Make multiple copies and preserve them.

5. If the injury was caused at home, never throw away the object that caused the injury. Preserve all material that came along with it including wrappers, packaging, manuals, spares and accessories.

6. Always make your claims immediately. The law defines the time you have to make your claim and each state and country has specific time frames. Please refer to them and the statutes of limitations pertaining to them.

7. Never be impolite and do not offer any information to the adjusters of the rival insurance companies. Do not communicate in any manner with them apart from mail.

8. Find the best lawyer available before making your claim. This is of prime importance. Check his records and types of cases he or she specializes in and take advice form any of his old clients.

All the best and keep at it.

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Julian Hall is the Director of Claims Master Group. Personal injury Claim, Injury Claim Advice

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