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The One Strategy That Bartenders Are Just Not Doing….And How YOU Can Take Advantage of the Situation
Author: _Theodore Watts

Copyright © 2006 Theodore Watts

So you want to learn how to increase your tips? This report shows you the one strategy that I guarantee will increase your tips. Remember, it’s great to learn hundreds of recipes but bartending is so much more than drink recipes.

In this special report I will NOT give you a cookie cutter, bartending school lecture on bartending recipes and blah, blah, blah. I am going to cut all the fluff and just tell you how it’s done. The key here is that regardless of how many drinks you know how to make; even if you mix up a horrible drink every time you bartend you can still bankroll some huge tips!

*The Art of Branding Yourself*

Most bartenders don’t brand themselves and I just don’t understand why. Branding is about identification and trust. Most of us tend to associate branding with tangible products we encounter daily, such as soft drinks, handbags, and automobiles, but people also brand themselves.

I was known to never wear the same tie while I was bartending. They use to called me “Tie Wearing Teddy” because no other bartenders where I bartended wore ties. I separated myself from the other bartenders instantly by the clothes I wore. I was branded with the physical image of the guy that was always wearing a tie.

Women would come to the bar where I worked and ask “where is the guy with the tie?” They remembered me and since I provided great service, I was branded in their mind, good service = the guy that wears the ties.

The physical appearance you display to your customers are vital and could make or break you depending on the type of bar or club you work at. Look different or unique and stand apart from your fellow bartenders you work with.

*Branding yourself by designing your own drinks*

This is an awesome tip a good friend of mine does. He has successfully branded himself at his bar by designing his own drinks and made up names to go with each one. This is what he did…

- Design 10 to 15 drinks and name them

- After you create your drinks, create your personal brochure or flyer listing your drinks on them and emphasizing that they are a "Your Name Special Drink" – prepared exclusively by "Your Name"

- Make sure to put the flyer in a place where people can easily pick them up like (at the actual bar top you work on) or on the tables at the bar or club you work at. The great thing about this is that if they like the drink, they can only get it from you, so they will keep coming back with their money and more tips!

- To add the personal touch to the flyer, add your bio (biography) to it so that they can get to know you better. Your customers will actually feel that you are a “friend” rather than just someone who serves them drinks if they no a little about you.

Remember, a bartender is a salesman. You are in the business of not only selling drinks but of selling yourself as well. Your personality and charisma will take you very far. A bartender is a psychologist, a sociologist and a businessman all wrapped in one.

…Tie Wearing Teddy

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Theodore A. Watts Jr., or “Tie Wearing Teddy” as his bartending patrons call him, has been energetically involved with bartending since 1999 while attending the University of Illinois. While in College, Teddy found inspiration from falling on hard times as a broke college student, to come up with time tested strategies for bartenders like himself. Mr. Watts has written several articles on the subject and has taken these time tested strategies and put them in an ebook for other bartenders to use. You can read all about his experience and his strategies at www.bartending-guide.com and www.howtolandabartendingjob.com

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