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The Importance of Proper Dog Training
Author: John Lim

Dog behavior training is very important in preventing aggression and teaching dogs to interact properly with their handlers, other members of the family and other pets. You need to understand how to train your dog properly so that it will be the devoted, loyal and loving companion that you desire.

The original dogs were probably orphaned wolf pups that were adopted by human centuries ago. These wild dogs learnt to perform behaviors that their human handlers taught, such as guarding the cave or scaring predators. In exchange, human probably provided them with food, shelter and protection.

This relationship still exists and of course, dogs can still perform valuable jobs, including herding, guarding property, people and livestock, and others for their human handlers.

The hierarchy
It is important to know that dogs are pack animals. In the wild, packs are formed and there is a hierarchy in this “society”. The hierarchy or structure remains unchanged, unless there is death or injury to the alpha dog. The alpha dog is the leader and the pack does not challenge its leader.

Hence, to train your dog properly, you need to become the alpha dog. Only then will your dog respect you and will follow your commands without question. This respect forms the basis of all subsequent training.

In today’s lifestyle, there are many advantages from training your dog into a well-mannered and obedient dog. For starters, the puppy or dog will be fun to be with. In addition, a well-mannered dog puts everyone’s mind at ease, especially dogs with negative image such as the Doberman, Rottweiler and Pit Bull.

Puppy and dogs have inherent bad behaviors and it is also important for you to understand the factors behind these unwanted behaviors. For example, chewing and destroying furniture may be a sign of separation anxiety. Once you know the root of the problem, you are already taking the first step to eliminating dog behavior problems.

Understanding dog behavior
Some dogs exhibit unwanted behaviors because of stress and its inability to copy with that stress. A good dog training program will teach the dog to tolerate greater levels of stress without becoming a problem animal.

It is easy to confuse human behavior with dog behavior. Although some dog owners may see their dogs as almost human, it is important to understand that dogs and humans have very different motivations and reactions to similar situations.

However, humans and dogs do have a common trait… and that is the need to form close social bonds and groups. Bonding is an important element to both humans and dogs. As the adage goes, “No man’s an island”. The saying probably applies to dogs as well!

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