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The Best Kept Internet Marketing Secret
Author: Duane Marx

Copyright 2006 Duane Marx

Do you want to save up to 10 years of internet frustration and thousands of dollars in advertising & testing? You’re about to find out an amazing secret that the gurus don’t want you to know about. Now at first you may think this isn’t a big deal, but I’ll explain why this is so powerful in a moment.

The amazing secret is simply this: ‘Copy The Experts, Mimic The Gurus.’ Find the Gurus in your related business and do what they’re doing. Especially look at their websites/sales pages and make yours very similar.

Now let me say this right now - I am not telling you to steal their words or images that would be illegal.

What I am saying is study their sales letters and pay close attention to how they use: size of text, color, font, bold, italic, word spacing, paragraph spacing, length of paragraphs, use of color, background color, keywords and phrases, titles, headlines, and sub headlines just to name a few.

Why should you do this? Because it is working for them. Their webpage/sales letters are the final results of years of trial and error, and thousands of dollars spent on advertising and testing.

One of my favorite internet marketing gurus to learn from is John Reese. He’s been studying and improving internet marketing since 1990 and has had over a billion website visitors. He’s always testing everything he does. Why? Because this is how you find out what really works and what will produce the best results - and ultimately brings in the most money.

He made over a million dollars in one day on the internet. Do you think we could to learn a thing or two from him? You bet we can! What if our salepage looked a lot like his? How much would our sales increase? If you want to spy on him right now just to see what he’s doing visit: http://www.123traffic-secrets.com

By studying his style and technique you should be able to learn a lot in a very short time. Save a copy of his site to your desktop for future reference. And if your guru has a coffee stain in the upper right hand corner of his sales letter then make sure you have one on yours too. It was put there for a reason - to make money.

Also this is just a starting point. After you have revised your own sales letter then start testing other things to improve it even more.

Remember by using this one simple idea you will save yourself a tremendous amount of time and money, and it can take you from a novice to looking like the pros almost overnight.

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