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Size 10, Going On 50, Ten Weight Control Tips For Lasting Weight Control.
Author: Cassandra Ingraham

Ten Tips on How to Establish Lasting Weight Control

1. Walk a lot. Leave the car at home, catch the bus or train.

2. Try not to eat pork at least for three or four months, then decide.

3. Eat red meat only once or twice a month. Take your time and coach yourself. If red meat is a daily habit for you, take your time and coach yourself. Go off the red meat for 3 or four months and then decide what you want to do.

4. Take liquid vitamins (very important) try not to put undo stress on your digestive system by expecting it to digest massive vitamin pills.

5. Hold your stomach in and breath deep, as often as possible.

6. Eliminate waste from your body, often. In fact, learn how to give yourself a high colonic to clean your colon. (This alone can help you drop up to 10 pounds in a week)

7. Talk to your body; ask it if it’s OK to eat something – You will be surprised at how your intellect will respond over time to questions that you ask your inner self.

8. Love your body just as it is and it will change for you.

9. Do not covet your neighbor’s slim body, however, see yourself thin, and if you need a little help look at your neighbor’s thin body and know that in time, that will be you. Then believe it.

10. Do not diet. You loose the entire battle if you diet. I realize this may be hard for some of you to realize. To diet is in direct conflict with the “love your body just as it is” Use common sense when eating, however, do not diet.

Depending on how much weight you have to loose, it could take 3 months or 3 years. Take your time, meditate a lot and if you pray, then do so. If not, then meditate and listen to what the universe has to say. I cannot stress how important this step is.

The trick is to believe that you can and faith will come into play. Once you are in the “faith zone” it is only a matter of time. The only physical requirement (consult with your doctor) would be to continually remove waste from your colon. The rest is what we call natural weight loss. For more information about this methodology visit: http://www.whereisthejazzfestival.NDA1.htm (NDA - No Diets Allowed)

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Article written by Cassandra Ingraham, Editor and Publisher for “Purple Monkey e-Publications with a home base at www.whereisthejazzfestival.com

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