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Scuba Diving Offers Many Options For Underwater Adventure
Author: All SCuba Diving!

Scuba diving is often thought of in reference to warm locations such as the tropics or Australia, where divers can learn how to do the sport and then plunge into a mild ocean climate and witness all the colorful and rich bounty of the sea.

All of this is true, of course, but scuba diving is not limited to vacation destinations. Scuba lessons are available in most cities and towns through local swimming pools and even private lessons. Any deep lakes in your area are suitable for going scuba diving, whether practicing for your tropical vacation or just enjoying your hobby. People trained in scuba diving even have chances to make a career out of the pastime; training others, working with law enforcement or search and rescue, at popular aquariums, in the Navy, even owning their own scuba diving outfitters in areas tropical or at home!

Even with all this as truth, though, one cannot help but think clear blue water and gorgeous underwater seascapes when they hear the phrase scuba diving. Scuba diving is ideal in clear tropical waters, where you can see long distances ahead of you and gaze at the multiple sea life in the reefs and open waters.

One of the most popular scuba diving destinations is the Great Barrier Reef off of tropical North Queensland in Australia. Divers can enjoy the sea’s bounty in one of the most pristine and peaceful environments in the world. There are scuba diving outfitters all along the coasts of Australia, or experienced divers may go out on their own. Divers who choose to have their own expeditions must remember to be cautious, however, because as with all outdoor activities, there are risks in scuba diving. Weather conditions should be checked before embarking on a scuba diving trip, as scuba diving is best done on clear, sunny days. Divers also do not want to get caught in the dangerous waters of the rainy season. The box jellyfish (as Nemo watchers know) is present in the tropical Queensland waters and lives off the coast during the wet season, so swimming and diving is only recommended in enclosed areas. These jellyfish are never found on the Great Barrier Reef.

Scuba diving is a great way to see a world that is beyond what most humans will ever experience. Scuba diving takes a lot of learning and practice, so don’t go buy some gear and jump into the nearest body of water. Take the time to have some lessons and make sure you know what you are doing before engaging in a trip of your own. Anytime you go to an unfamiliar spot for scuba diving, make sure you consult with local experts on what you can expect to find when you plunge under the water.

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