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Removing adware from your computer
Author: Michael Cottier

Copyright 2006 Michael Cottier

If you have been using the internet for awhile, you know all about adware. If you are new to the internet you will soon discover the horror of adware! Either way though at some time in your internet life you will need to remove adware from your computer.

So what is adware? Adware is advertisements that usually come attached to freeware, which is software that can be free because of the adware. In theory it is a good idea because you can have software for free, but the problem is that companies over do it and the advertisements become obtrusive and annoying. Adware can also sneak its way onto your computer through websites and sometimes store bought computers have adware preinstalled. This is why adware involves everyone, because everyone can get it.

Removing adware is much harder then one thinks, and requires computer expertise or a good adware cleaning program. Most people think they just have to remove the freeware or stop visiting a site, but in actuality the adware files are hidden deep in your system and stay there until removed. These files actually connect to ad servers whenever you connect to the internet, whether you are using dial up or high speed broadband. They download new ads to show you and send your user statistics to the company, who then uses that data to find out what ads sell and what to show you in the future. That is why removing adware is so important, because if everyone removes adware then these companies will be out of business.

The people who make adware actually think that people are stupid, and they name their files something like ad or advert. They also donít think the average person is smart enough to delete, rename or move these files. So if you are being bothered by a pop up banner or a pesky icon that wonít go away, just try to delete, rename or move the advertising file and then see if you still have the problem. If you do still have the problem, then put the file back just to avoid any further errors.

If you still canít seem to get rid of your adware by removing, renaming or deleting ad files, you can still get your computer back. No matter how far gone it is and how much adware there is on it, you can fix it. There are plenty of adware removal tools available on the internet. They will remove all of the adware from your computer and speed it back up.

Usually an adware removal tool can quickly be downloaded and installed, and are easy to use. Just let it scan your PC, and it will detect all adware and show them to you. All you have to do is choose what ads you want to be removed since sometimes it detects applications that are not adware.

After you choose which adware you want gone, your adware cleaner will take them out fast. Then when you reboot your computer, it will be back to you and no longer will you be spied on or bothered by advertisers.

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Now that you know how to remove adware from your computer, do it right now by using the adware cleaner that I personally use at www.computer-customizing-guide.com/adware-cleaner.html If you need help upgrading, repairing and maintaining your PC, then check out Michaelís computer customizing website at www.computer-customizing-guide.com/

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