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Quick Look at Clocks and Antique Clocks
Author: Julien Raynal

Clocks are a part of everyday life for all of us. Clocks have become an inseparable part of our daily routine that almost no one could go on without. Busy executives, workmen, students, shop keepers, clerical staff, and even home makers carry on their chores adjusting their activities and lifestyles to the movement of the clocks.

Clocks have been in use over a very long time in different forms. Early men used sun and shadows to mark time. Intricate and accurate sundials became the initial clocks. Sand clocks and water clocks where the sand or water would flow from the top compartment to the bottom one came into the picture later to mark the various parts of an hour or a day. Clocks with numerals and dials to mark time came into prominence somewhere around late 17th century and started replacing sundials.

Cuckoo clocks are the first kind of special clocks that were produced. These came from the black forest region in Germany and were made from excellent craftsmen and engineers. The most prominent feature in these clocks is the appearance of the bird on the hour or every half hour to chirp and announce the time. These clocks contained hanging weights. Many models of cuckoo clocks with many mechanized parts to depict different activities were produced and sold.

Antique clocks collections are a big passion for many people. Antique clocks from earlier centuries are being collected for their priceless value. Clocks of the past used to have extraordinary workmanship and they all worked and showed accurate time using simple gear mechanisms. Most of the antique clocks that are being collected are still in working condition and will mostly contain a swinging pendulum or moving weights. They normally need some kind of mechanical keying once a while. A lot of antique clocks are from Europe mainly form Germany and Switzerland. Antique clock dealers also deal with chronometers and barometers that were used by mariners.

Some antique clocks even used very expensive material like Gold for the dials and the hands. They often came with covers that were very ornately designed and are studded with diamonds or other expensive stones. Some were enclosed inside very nicely carved boxes of ebony or mahogany. A large number of antique clocks collected are of the Victorian style clocks. These clocks are normally exhaustively designed and gilted and made of excellent wood and materials. Antique clocks add a touch of elegance and history to any living room and are a beauty to behold.

Modern day clocks come in various shapes and fashions and are generally able to measure time more accurately. Some are even able to correct and adjust themselves with the standard time, using radio frequencies, every few hour or so. Digital clocks are into prominence these days and have almost taken over the clock market. Digital clocks have changed the landscape of clocks and are able to measure sub seconds to very small and accurate levels. Clocks of various sizes, shapes and with many different options are available on the market today to satisfy almost anyone who is looking to buy one.

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