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Quick And Effective Ways To Stop Your Dog From Barking
Author: Marc Lindsay

It is usual to give new dogs a lot of attention when we first get them but this can lead to trouble. By spoiling a dog and giving them love and attention whenever they desire it you are setting yourself up for a barking dog. Boredom is the most common cause of barking in a dog and preventing your dog from becoming bored is the only real way to stop this from happening. It is most common for bored dogs to bark while you are not around, but it shouldn’t be too long before your neighbors tell you about your dog’s disruptive behavior.

The worst thing you can do if a dog has already learnt that barking gets attention is to keep giving him attention. If your dog barks because he is hungry and you quickly jump up to feed him to shut him up then he will learn that barking means he gets fed. Similarly, if your dog barks to be let in and you do so every time then he will learn that barking gets him let in. This doesn’t mean you should shout either; the best way to stop dog barking in these circumstances is to ignore him. To a bored dog, being yelled offers more in the way of entertainment than being ignored.

One method that usually takes only two or three days to work will require you to be present when they are barking but is simple, quick and effective; not to mention quite pleasing when you’ve been woken up at 4 am. Have a small cup of water ready and if your dog barks take the water and stand near him. It is essential that you wait for him to bark again, but when he does then throw the water in his face. You may need to do this once or twice for the first two nights and if you have particularly difficult case maybe even on the third night but it is very unlikely you will have to do it again.

If you have a dog that is barking, growling and showing it’s teeth then it is not bored but it is scared or anxious and may be liable to bite. In this case do not throw water in its face because this will inevitably lead to a bloody hand and an upset dog and owner. The vet or animal psychologist is the only solution in this instance.

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