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Preparing to Enjoy Your Retirement
Author: Martin Haworth

It's a great idea to get yourself ready for retirement and there is no better time to start than as early as possible. This, of course, helps you plan to have enough funds set aside for the future.

Whilst children set the scene for your cost base in the middle years, there is often enough time to get ready for your retirement if you plan things right around that time, when you might well have some spare cash.

Indeed many individuals have helped their children through college and they don't miss that money anyway, so using it towards their retirement is an ideal solution.

These years may be exactly the time to take other investment actions as time may be available to explore and speculate a little!

It's important to leverage the income you have, by reducing costs associated with mortgages and other loans, as they are often expensive - so this would be a first step to set off on the adventure of becoming financially secure.

The last thing you want is to have loans still set against perhaps the lower income you have at that time. Though also a good time to work on opportunities to make a little more as well!

It's also a great time to enjoy life more - even in the 10 years before you actually retire. It's a time where you need the courage to do some things you might consider putting off - like travel, or even some perhaps more challenging investment strategies.

This is the time to try out new things, with minimal risk to leverage the monies you have.

There are many opportunities around, often to be found on the internet these days, that utilise the best capabilities of the more experienced of us, in our 50's, and can benefit significantly financially.

These are not the here-today, gone-tomorrow merchants, more the experienced opportunities that can be carefully measured in terms of downside.

Definitely worth a look.

And as you take this care of yourself, by being prepared for your future ahead, not only do you keep yourself young by having a mentally stimulating time, but your overall health can get even better too.

Thus ensuring many years of enjoyment for both the individuals in a partnership

At the end of the day, being aware of your money circumstances well ahead of the time, will open up a lot of ideas for you, which, whilst initially seeming to be daunting, might well be just the thing to add spice to your middle years and develop new experiences.

These can combine the challenges of getting your finances right, as well as learning some new skills, that might well be a source of joy for years to come

At this exciting cross-roads of your life, you have choices. Take the time to be really honest with yourself about what you truly want to achieve - what are the hopes and dreams you have and what are you going to do about them.

Find ways to create the resources now, as well as for your future - don't leave all these exciting things until you get to retirement or time and health might catch you out.

Above all, be prepared to stop yourself thinking about it, prevaricating on what might be or what is to come.

Using an old business adage, be prepared, plan your time and at the end of the day...

JDI - Just Do It!

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2006 Martin Haworth is a coach, writer and entrepreneur. He has a number of projects on the go at any time (in his early 50's!). His current website is at What A Way To Make Money!.com

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