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Pick Discussion Forums As Your Major Tools In Internet Marketing
Author: Juhani Tontti

So the breadth and quality of know-how in discussion forums, like Warrior Forum or AssociatedProgramsForum, is amazing. Members dig into all detailed aspects of their businesses, which gives other members real, practical help.

Everybody in those forums is in a need of better and new tips for his internet marketing.
In forum communities you can discuss with real legends of internet marketing, which would be impossible otherwise. Some members are newbies some are “ all seen “ seniors or millionaires, but the target is the same: share what you know.

Discussion forums are very “ honest “ places. If a member tries to advertise his business, he´ll be skipped out.
Discussion forum communities are for relationsbuilding among the most useful people in the internet, internet marketers. Members build joint efforts, share opt-in leads for instance or participate each others businesses. The members of high quality forums are a huge and powerful internet marketing tool: when you share your benefits, you´ll benefit.

At forum a member can specialize in certain topic or topics only and build his respect with that.
A good way to track your forum participation is to look at how many have looked at and responded to your topic. The more – the more useful you are.

Normally forums accept a few lines of advertising at the end of your post, called sig file.
This is the only place to advertise, even with three copylines including urls. Using sig file you can get tons of inbound links to your website, which will inrease your rank in search engines and bring more traffic to your website. Search engine spiders will also pick your posts, and they will be seen in search results. This will exponentially increase the effect of your post.

You can think that sig file is like leaving a business card in business meeting. It must be hidden advertising. Many forums accept even three different copylines. When you plan your adcopy, think like forum member and about the nature of the forum. My opinion is to use two kind of ads: one for rapid “ sign up my newsletter “- type and another for your website.

Regular posts build your authority inside internet marketing community. The more you´ll post – the more respect you´ll get. The more respect you have – the more sales it generates.

Forum post will live forever in the archives of forums and all over the internet – real residual effect.

Discussion forum members are the best of the best target group for internet marketer. This also sets some quality requirements on how you contribute in the forums. Be active and helpful. Be yourself and honest and never try to advertise. Keep in mind that the idea is to build relationships and give help.

The best internet marketing forums, like those mentioned earlier, are among the most visited sites in the internet. This tells that internet marketers see them very, very usefull for their businesses. It also tells that forum members are the best target group for any internet marketing business.

The richness of the forumcontent is amazing: people from different countries and cultures, people with different education, different internet experiences, different businesses etc. share their tips to each other. What can be better! This is possible only in the internet!

Tip as a summary: read more than write. Build up longterm relationships and joint ventures.

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I am Juhani Tontti and my passion is to co-operate with other NetBizMarketers. Take a look at my site, which gives a living to me: www.Way2Miracle.com and download my gift to you, Dotcomology. You can also sign up my newsletter. Thanks!

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