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OK I Know I Can Write Now What.
Author: David Mclauchlan

So now you know how to write articles or create great pages for your site. You know how to upload them and you also know how to check your stats in your cpanel. So I got everything I need to be successful now right. Wrong, you have one little thing missing that will generate you that more than welcomed income. You got it, visitors. If you don’t have visitors or what we call traffic you know what creek you are up without a paddle right?

Let me say this though. Now that you are creating a high-quality pages or high quality articles, you are actually way ahead of 99% of e-business people on the Net. Isn’t that incredible? Just by knowing that Content is King and writing good material this means that you are in the 1% of net entrepreneurs that has a chance at success. I did say chance there are no guarantees of definite success?

Why does this not guarantee me success? Because your site is just sitting there. You need visitors who read your content, become pREsold, and then do something
that earns you income (buy, complete a form, hire, clicks on ads or affiliate links, etc.).

The best traffic-building techniques are high-yielding and sustained. In other words, you must get a big traffic return for your time-and/or-money and...(ROBT or ROM). It must also deliver traffic in an ongoing fashion, not just be a one-shot deal. When you “get it right” at the Search Engines, they’ll deliver you traffic for months, even years, without you ever having to tweak your pages again or resubmitting your articles.

Compare this with making a post in an e-mail mailing list, even a high-profile one. It
takes some time to prepare a good post, with great content... great enough to wow
people into visiting your site. Consider what happens within two days of that post...
your traffic falls back to where it was (there’s one exception, as we’ll see when we talk
about word-of-mouth promotion).

So what are the best strategies to build sustained-high-yielding traffic on the Net?

1) Use free (or near-free) resources such as word-of-mouth buzz creation (signature
files, forums, etc.) and the most important one, the major Search Engines and directories.
2) Use paid resources such as Pay-Per-Click Search Engines, paid directories and paid programs, when financially appropriate.
3) Publish your newsletters where people have to opt in to get it.

If you do these three main traffic generators, you won’t need to try all kinds of other unproven techniques.

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