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New Age Of Coupons
Author: James Brown

Saving money using online coupons is a perfect way to help keep spending within a budget. Using the Internet to locate coupons makes it possible to save money on just about anything at any type of store. With a quick search, you can find online coupons for shoes, pizza, flowers, books, toys, groceries and a variety of services. In addition, the Internet makes it very easy to locate savings using rebates and other offers.

If you are new to using coupons, coupons are a perfect way to help save a little money. Coupons are offers that allow consumers to purchase what they need or want at a savings. This means that you may save only a few cents, or coupon savings can add up to big dollars. An online retailer, or a company that sells products over the Internet, may opt to use online coupons to promote their business or to offer consumers special discount offers. Printable coupons are offers that can be printed out on a home computer and taken to a store for use. Some online retailers offer codes for use on online purchases, or rebates, sometimes called e-bates. Many online retailers are starting to offer printable coupons that are delivered directly to your in box when you sign up on their website or for a newsletter.

Most online coupons are different than coupons that come in the weekly sales circulars. Most grocery store coupons that are widely available in the Sunday paper are good for cents off for a certain purchase. Online coupons generally offer a certain dollar amount off a certain purchase. For example, if you visit a website for a shoe store, the company might email you an offer to redeem at a store for $5 off a $20 purchase. Sometimes, these online coupons can include offers to redeem for free shipping for an online purchase or maybe even a free item when a certain dollar amount is purchased.

In addition, online coupons are often given to consumers who have used a certain product for the first time or might be a new customer to a company. These companies will reward new customers when coupons to use for the next purchase or as an introductory offer.

When using an online coupon, there may be several different ways that the coupon or offer can be used. If the coupon is a printable coupon, most of the time this means that it should be redeemed for cents or dollars off at what many online coupon users call a “brick and mortar” store, or a store that you go to and shop inside. You should be able to read the fine print on these coupons to know whether or not the coupon you have printed from the Internet is good for an in-store purchase, or for an online purchase.

Another way that online coupons are used is special code offers that allow the purchaser to enter a special code on their Internet check out site for a percentage, or dollars off. Many times, these offers are available for first time users to the store or can be good for free shipping. These codes usually consist of a combination of several letters and numbers. When consumers purchase a product online, there will be a special code box to enter the offer code. The website usually automatically updates the dollar amount to reflect the new price using the special online coupon code.

To continue, yet another common way to redeem online coupons is through rebates, also called e-bates when used in the Internet. These can also come in different forms. Some rebates will be in printable form. After the consumer has purchased a specific product, the rebate will list other items to be sent along with the rebate form. After several weeks, the consumer will receive a check for money back on their purchase. E-bates work much the same way. Rebates and e-bates both will have very specific purchase requirements, such as the UPC code and original receipt. If your online coupon requests forms by mail, it is always a good idea to make a copy to keep for your records.

Whether you are using printable coupons, e-bates, or special code offers for purchases, it is important to read all of the fine print on the coupon. Most online coupon offers have certain purchase requirements and an expiration date. Also, many online coupon offers will have certain restrictions such as one offer per household. Do not try using an expired coupon. If you find your offer has expired try to search for a new, valid offer.

There are many coupons available online. If you are considering making a purchase of a certain product or from a certain store, you can often find coupon, rebates and special code offers from that product or store’s website. In addition, it is easy to locate online coupon offers by doing a simple keyword search using a search engine. Try typing in the product or store you are considering, or simply type in “coupons” or “online coupons”. This will yield many valid results for online coupon use.

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