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Lighting Your Living Room
Author: Carol Evans

Choosing which lighting to use in your living room can be a trickier business than it appears. Remember that lighting stores are by definition well lit, and that it is hard to tell how much light your new lamp will actually shed in your room by what you see in the store.

Ideally, your house will be set up with light fixtures that will not require you to light and entire room with lamps. There are many types of light fixtures, and most are relatively in style. One of the current fashions is the use of the pot light, which also provides some flexibility as you can train the light where you want it to go. Embedded light fixtures are even better, especially in a house that shelters tall people. Hanging lights are a constant problem with residents and company over 5’10”, and it is embarrassing to have people constantly bashing their heads in your kitchen. If you find hanging lights appealing, place them safely in corners and not in the main walkways of your house.

If you want lamps to light up your room, make sure that you buy a set. The average number of lamps you will need to light a mid size room is four, two stand-up floor models and two table lamps. Also consider the thickness of your shades; a thick shade will lessen the light’s ability to brighten the entire room, so a thinner fabric or lighter color shade will yield more light.

Wait until it is dark and then place the lights in your room in locations where they will have the best effect. You will want the most light to fall on areas where people will sit to read or do other activities like games or hobbies. It is uncomfortable to watch television in a room that is not properly lit, so make sure there is overlap in the main area of brightness of each lamp.

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