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Internet Marketing Success Takes Dedication and Determination
Author: Jeff Flow

It is amazing how many people have no idea the level of workload that it takes to succeed at internet marketing. They really donít know what they got themselves into. You first of all must know what you want, before you will be able to find a way to obtain it. If you donít think that you have the drive and willingness to succeed, you might want to save yourself some trouble and not get into Internet marketing.

Do you have the dedication and determination that it takes to succeed in Internet marketing?

The great Winston Churchill once said, ďIf you find yourself walking through hell, just keep goingĒ.

In business and in life, the people that break through the struggles win and those who quit and donít keep persevering fail. Staying power in Internet marketing is about putting the pedal to the medal and not letting up despite the obstacles.

You will run into all sorts of obstacles and things that will discourage you from continuing on with your business. It is so easy to get discouraged. For example, you get started in an opportunity that promises that you will make tons of money, but you canít seem to make a dollar. Another example is, you purchase advertising and you donít generate one sale. This can be extremely frustrating. You begin to think that you are the only one on the entire Internet that isnít making money.

Remember, the websites donít usually give you reality. They are trying to get you to purchase a product or service and they will give you every testimony of peopleís success, but they donít usually reveal all the failures.

You have to persevere if you want to succeed.

Another thing that people fail to consider is that because it is their own business and not someone elseís they must work much harder to keep it going. A lot of business opportunity programs on the net claim that you can work several hours a week and strike it rich. This is simply a way to get you to part from your cash. The reality is that there is a serious time commitment in order to succeed in internet marketing.

Success canít be bought. You have to work at it. You may discover that one of your ideas is a failure. If you quit at this point you lose. If you pick up and learn from your mistakes you win. Keep plugging away. Learn from people that have been in the trenches for a while. This is a rapidly moving industry that waits for no one. God bless you.

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