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Increase your response rate by using this simple technique.
Author: Karl Stadler

Copyright 2006 Karl Stadler

Picture this, you have just sent out your mail and viola the first order arrives! You are so happy you hug the cat and give the dog a kiss, the rest of the household is of course not interested in your success, but the dog however franticly wags it's tail sharing your every emotion.

In our real world the cat and dog will remain but if your letter is not structured so that readers can clearly understand what you are trying to say, only the dog will be happy. And we still have no idea why.

Firstly, there are no hard and fast rules to writing. Some believe this to be true others not, however if you want to be successful you have to write with passion. If you are not truly exited about the product or service you are selling, this will convey in all your writing.

Get to know your product or service before even attempting to write a email or sales letter, this holds true for affiliate programs as well. Make sure that you believe in the product, whether it is your own or you have resell or other rights to it, only then will you be able to write something appealing that will compel your reader to buy into your product.

Remember, people buy with emotion not logic.

Great, you've finished your letter, following the rules, you are over the moon and beside yourself with joy at what you have just achieved. Point is, what have you achieved?

If your readers have no a idea what it is that you are trying to tell them you will lose them within the first sentence. Now this is not good, since you've wasted their time, and your's, and they wont be reading anything coming from you in the near future. Net result, bye bye sales.

The common mistake we make, including myself, is assuming that the reader will understand what you are trying to say. The main reason for writing information in this way is because you know a lot about the subject matter you are writing about, you also know and understand the background, so for you it is easy to grasp your message. This however does not always hold true for your reader.

Now, I am not saying your reader is stupid and you have to spoon feed him, you need to convey your message simply and clearly. Put yourself in his shoes to make sure he will understand.

Simply put, any story has structure, a beginning, a middle, and a end, and your message should clearly reflect this. Firstly, make some notes about the beginning, middle and end on a piece of paper or in your word processor, then test to see if it makes sense, change a few things if necessary and only then start writing. In this way you will have a clear idea of what you are trying to say and be able to follow your story more easily while writing. This allows your reader to follow your story/letter in a logical way.

Always remember to write to a single person, not to the masses. In short, when you write your message it will have a more personal tone and the reader will naturally respond to it.

Our lives on this planet are not structured and new situations and happenings force us into every conceivable direction every day, but however, this is not the way in which we would like to see a movie, read a message or story.

Now give the dog a biscuit, grab some coffee, and write successfully. All the best till next time.

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