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How to Create a Wedding and Honeymoon Gift Basket
Author: Bonnie Ray

Help the newly engaged couple with their wedding expenses by giving them a gift of small useful items used in a wedding, at the reception or on their honeymoon. Create a wedding and honeymoon gift basket. Below you will find examples of useful items you may wish to include.

* Set of Toasting Flutes
* Bottle of Champagne or Sparkling White Grape Juice
* Garter
* Cake Serving Set
* Guests Register Book
* Disposable Cameras
* Wedding Bubbles
* Photo Album
* Picture Frames
* Candles
* Bubble Bath
* Net Sponge Scrubber
* Body Lotion
* CD of Their Favorite Romantic Music
* Decorated Basket

In the basket you could include a set of monogrammed fluted toasting glasses along with a bottle of champagne or sparkling white grape juice for the couple that doesn’t drink. These items could be used at their rehearsal dinner or reception for the toast. The toasting flutes could be decorated in their wedding flowers and colors.

The bride could wear the garter on her wedding day to be removed by the groom for the garter toss at the reception. The gentleman that catches it is said to have good luck.

A lovely cake knife and server set for cutting the wedding cake is a very useful item. You could also decorate them with small flowers and ribbons for the occasion. This item makes a cherished keepsake and can be used in the home after the wedding.

Include a guest’s register book for all the guests that will be attending the wedding to sign. The bride and groom can reminisce through it after returning from their honeymoon and remember all of their family, friends and associates that attended the ceremony.

Disposable cameras are great gifts to include for capturing all those precious memories at parties, rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the reception. They can carry it on their honeymoon to capture all those unforgettable moments. By placing a disposable camera on each reception table, their guests can take pictures of each other or events as they play out during the reception party. After returning from the honeymoon they can get the pictures developed and enjoy events they may have otherwise missed. To protect and display all of those wedding photographs, include a photo album and picture frames.

A basket filled with wedding bubbles is another great gift idea. They could be passed out at the wedding reception for the guest to blow at the newlywed couple as they leave on their honeymoon.

Include the following items for the couple to pack in their honeymoon luggage. Candles, bubble bath, net sponge scrubber, body lotion and CD of their favorite romantic music for a romantic bath and body massage after a long day of wedding partying. Before leaving on the honeymoon have one of the attendants carefully pack the champagne flutes so while taking that long leisurely bath they can enjoy a glass of champagne and make a special toast to each other and their love before the first night of wedding bliss.

Place all of these wonderful small useful gifts in a lovely white thick willow basket that can be used at the reception to display wedding guest’s favors. Make the basket more special by fully lining it with satin fabric and surround the circumference with pretty lace. Add flowers, greenery and ribbons in the wedding colors to carry out their wedding theme. Once the items are placed in the basket wrap it in tulle and tie it off with a pretty ribbon bow that matches the wedding color theme. After the wedding it makes a lovely decoration for their home to display magazines, towels or other small items.

To cut down on cost, the wedding attendants could contribute a few dollars toward the gift basket and present it to them at one of the many pre wedding parties.

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Bonnie Goodwin Ray has more than sixteen years experience in the wedding industry. She is the author of Wedding Planning Made Easier and has become a leading expert in silk wedding bouquets design.

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