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How To Stop Your Dog From Biting Other People
Author: Marc Lindsay


A bite suit is an important tool in protection dog training, and is used in most protection dog training programs. When used correctly, the bite suite will assist in protection dog training by helping to develop a dog's intensity and fighting urges to a more quality level than training with simply a bite sleeve alone. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the ways a bite suit is used in protection dog training programs, and the benefits protection dog training when a bite suit is used.

The best way to begin protection dog training using a bite suit is to work with an experienced trainer. Protection dog training using a bite suit incorrectly can develop undesired behavior and tendencies in the dog being trained. A failure to maintain positive control during protection dog training using a bite suit could very likely result in an unwanted edge in the dog's demeanor.

When using a bite suit as an aid in protection dog training, there should be a transition period, where the bite suit is introduced from the bite sleeve. During this transition period of protection dog training, the dog must always be on a leash, and the handler must maintain continuous positive control over the dog. Requiring the dog be on a leash during this phase of protection dog training limits his range, and lets the dog reach only the targeted area of training, or the bite zone. The benefits of this type of protection dog training is it teaches the dog exactly where to bite. During this phase of protection dog training, the dog should be encouraged as much as possible by using positive reinforcements, and avoiding negative corrections as much as possible.

With the benefits of using the bite suit during protection dog training being great, there are some things you must realize before protective dog training begins. Protective dog training using a bite suit as a training tool does not correct all protective dog training challenges. The bite suit, when used in protective dog training cannot develop instincts which are not already present in the dog. The bite suit can be used to enhance instincts the dog may already have, and help to produce greater performance, but it should not be considered a cure all tool in difficulties in protection dog training.

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