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How To Get Free Publicity For Your Home Based Business
Author: Daphne Succes

If you are just starting a new business or simply operating one on a budget, there are a lot of ways to get free publicity for your home based business. Not everyone can afford an aggressive marketing or advertising campaign. Lets face it - advertising is expensive. In fact, for many business, advertising is the largest expense that they incur. This is especially true of home based businesses due, in part, because there are not many additional expenses for a business operated in the home.

In order for customers to find you, they must first be made aware that your company exists. One such way to get free publicity for your home based business includes the distribution of a press release. A well-written press release will be one page or less in length. It will offer the basics - who, what, when and where. In order for your press release to gain publication, your business must be noteworthy or be hosting something that is of interest to the public. For example, if you are launching a home based business and would like to share your story, this would make a great press release. If your business is launching a new website, promotion or product line, these would provide for good quality news as well. In order for a press release to be printed, you must include a contact name, address and telephone number at the top of the page. Press releases can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to newspapers, magazines and local trade publications. This is a terrific way to get free publicity for your home based business.

If you are operating a home based business, its likely that you will also have a website. The internet is a gateway to a world of potential customers so, if you havenít already, now is the time to launch a new website. Promoting your spot on the world wide web is an excellent way to get free publicity. If you sell collectibles, then you will want the major search engines to list your site high in the rankings for that keyword. Itís important to be ranked well on search engines so that customers may find your website, so make sure that your site is generous in its use of keywords, contains active links and is updated with new content regularly. Search engine rankings are one of the greatest ways to get free publicity for your home based business, especially if that business is primarily web-based.

In addition to the methods above, many webmasters are finding that article marketing can provide a powerhouse of traffic to their website. And, after all, each new visitor is a potential customer. If you are an expert in your business field, write a brief article about it. There are people who may be interested in reading what you have to say, so make sure that your article is informative. At the bottom of the feature, include a brief paragraph with your name, brief biography about you or your business, along with the business name and website address. After submitting this article to one of the many article marketing websites, other webmasters may pick up your content for use on their site. The more distribution your article receives, the more potential you will have for more traffic to your own website.

Just as there are plenty of ways to gain paid advertising, there are many ways to get free publicity for your home based business. Publicity doesnít have to cost a fortune and, for those who are truly creative, it may not even cost a penny.

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Daphne is a Writer, Business Owner, Motivator and Self-Starter and full-time Mom. She started Passion Parties by Daphne in the Summer of 2005 as a hobby while working full time. It has since become a full time passion for her and hope to quit her full time job soon. She enjoys writing articles about small businesses and family and tries to motivate other women with the same desire. She can be reached at 1-877-TOY-DIVA www.daphnespassion.com

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