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How Governments Seek To Get Back Control
Author: David Andrew Smith

So the UK Government has had its way on banning smoking in all enclosed public places and places of work. This ban was carried through on the grounds of ensuring a safe working environment for all employees across the country. This ban applies everywhere except of course the House of Commons itself. One would presume that this is because it is not open to the public and nobody works there! This is just another example of the hypocrisy of our government; ‘Don’t do as I do, do as I say’. ‘You do not know what is good for you but We do’. You cannot have a wage increase or it must be restricted because it is not good for the economy; however we will vote ourselves a very large increase because we are a special case’, and so it goes on.

They also got their own way for the moment on ID cards. Arguments on this have shifted from combating terrorism, to combating illegal immigration to the current one of stopping ID fraud. I actually had no idea that that there were millions of people out there stealing each others identity. I suspect the only people guilty of identity fraud are the members of the government itself as they seem to take on a number of different guises depending upon what they next want to ban or subject us to.

I would suspect that the whole thrust of most of this recent legislation in the western world is an attempt to regain control over the population. In the past if you stepped out of line or had a counter argument you were threatened with hell fire and damnation. With the decline of the Church and its more modern approach this line of control has vanished. With the immediacy of communications around the world we all now know what is going on at any moment in time. Consequently governments have lost control of situations unless you happen to be in China!

There was talk of putting chips into cars so that there movements could be tracked all the time. I do not know why the government just do not forget about ID cards and go the complete step and put chips into all of us. This would act as a means of verifying your identity and have the added advantage of being able to track us and our movements all of the time. Any body visiting the country could have a temporary chip implanted. That way the police would not have to stop you and ask for a card they could simply scan you from a distance and if you happened to be ‘chipless’ they could lock you up for 90 days.

Strange isn’t it that it all started with the banning fox hunting. I periodically feel I have had enough and should move somewhere else, but where do you go? This seems to be like a tidal wave sweeping across the whole of the western world and it is impossible to stop.

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David is the owner of a contract cleaning company that operates throughout the UK

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