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Houston Charity Center Helps 1,500 Families In Need
Author: Robert Palmer

The Houston Charity Center, an independent charity and thrift store dedicated to helping struggling families, now provides free assistance to over 1,500 families per year in the Houston area. The center provides emergency food, clothing and household essentials free of charge to families with substantiated needs.

The facility is easy to locate at 14105 South Post Oak Road in Southwest Houston. The well-stocked and neatly organized thrift store features gently used name-brand clothing, fabulous home-decor items, quality furniture, appliances and a number of one-of-a-kind bargains.

“We love what a good charity thrift store means to the community,” said co-founder Virginia Bowen. “Where else could you possibly find such bargains and at the same time know that you are providing resources that help struggling families get back on their feet.”

At The Houston Charity Center shoppers can be assured that their purchases and donations help the center provide food, clothing and household essentials to families in need. The charitable assistance programs are made possible by generous donations of non-perishable food, clothing, furniture, appliances, left-over garage sale lots, home-decor items, etc.- collected daily by the center\'s prompt, scheduled donation pickup service.

“By working together for the common good of our great city, we can achieve the extraordinary,” Bowen said. “No organization could singlehandedly respond to every family in crisis in a city as large as Houston. We encourage our supporters to assist additional organizations as well, such as Goodwill, Purple Heart and the Salvation Army. You can contribute to our charity effort by shopping at our store, by monetary contributions and / or by donating clothes, furniture, appliances, food, utility items or vehicles.”

The center welcomes referrals from all churches in the greater Houston area. When a church or non-profit group becomes aware of a family in need, that organization can send the family to the Houston Charity Center for assistance. The Church or non-profit group should provide the family with a letter of referral written on the organization\'s letterhead. Referrals should include the church or non-profit\'s contact information, type of assistance needed and a brief summary describing the crisis situation.

“We are totally focused on meeting the needs of low-income families who are trying to make ends meet,” said Bowen. “When you donate or shop with our organization, you play a vital part in restoring the hope and dignity to families who have found themselves in difficult situations.”

About The Houston Charity Center
The Houston Charity Center Thrift Store and Auction is becoming the largest charity thrift store in Houston. Through purchases and donations, the Houston Charity Center provides food and household essentials to struggling families. The center processes up to 12 new truckloads of merchandise weekly and features furniture, appliances, clothing, home decor and one-of-a-kind treasures. The retail and wholesale departments of The Houston Charity Center operate from 10 AM to 6 PM, Monday to Friday and from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays.

Donation arrangements can be made by visiting their website at HoustonCharityCenter.Org. The Houston Charity Center also encourages the support of other like-minded organizations in the Houston area. For more information on donating or shopping at the Houston Charity Center Thrift Store please contact:

Virginia Bowen
The Houston Charity Center

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Leland Smith is the Houston Charity Center Co-Founder and expert non-profit organizer. 713-433-0334

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