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Home Refinancing For People With Bad Credit - How To Avoid High Fees
Author: Carrie Reeder

Avoiding high fees when home refinancing with bad credit is as important as finding low rates. With fees adding up to thousands of dollars, make sure that you are getting the best deal by comparing lenders. Also look at other types of credit to securing cash out financing.

Ask About Closing Costs And Fees

To save yourself money, research lenders before settling on a refi loan. Request loan quotes that include information on closing costs and fees. The APR will include the interest rate, closing costs, and any annual fees. But be sure to also ask about early payment or any other fees.

Be aware of fees or closing costs that are included as part of the principle. These are often labeled as “zero down” loans, but in reality you are paying for those fees throughout the loan.

With loan quotes, know that even the fees are negotiable. You can ask for them to be removed or eliminated. Some fees, such as the early payment fee, are only removed if you pay an additional amount at closing.

Select Low Fee Terms

While you are researching financing companies, also take a look at how they structure their loans. Often the lowest rates, such as interest only or balloon payment loans, have the highest fees.

Select terms that are more favorable for low fees, such as fixed or adjustable rates. Adjustable rates are usually the lowest costing loans with some risk of increasing future rates.

Other Ways To Cash Out Your Equity

If you are simply refinancing to cash out part of your equity, consider applying for different types of credit to save on fees. Second mortgages and lines of credit have much lower closing costs than refinancing your total mortgage. They can also be held for a shorter period, which also saves you money.

While low fees may be your goal, be open to better financing options. By comparing the APR, you may find that average fees can yield better rates that will save you money. The longer you keep your loan, the more important low rates will be.

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