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Home Based Business for the 21st Century
Author: Tammy Visscher

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You get up, have some breakfast and head to your home office for a full 8 hour day of optimizing your web site, processing orders, writing articles and press releases and so on. You know that if you stepped away from the office for a day or week or sometimes even an hour, you stand the chance of losing customers and sales. Wasn't part of the benefit of working from home supposed to be the time you would take to have a LIFE as well?

Home Based Business is quickly becoming the new 'catch phrase' for the common household. Something that everyone SHOULD do, (let's not forget the tax incentives and ability to set your own hours) but unfortunately impossible for some who are already working 40-60 hours per week. Whether that is you,and you can't stop long enough to start up a business from home, or if you are the individual who already has a home based business but can't step away from it for any period of time, automating your business is the answer.

There are already a handful of businesses to be found on the internet that are 95% or 100% fully automated. This is reason to celebrate! It makes the idea of starting a home based business more inticing, especially for the individual who is not internet savvy. These businesses have the selling, explaining and closing feature in place and most only require the business owner to do the actual marketing. of the product, which can also be automated.

For the rest of the populous, those who already HAVE a home based biz, have the product, do the selling, explaining and closing but want to market their goods or service via internet as opposed to offline media, then automated marketing is also the answer.

So how do we automate business? First we look at the necessary components of business; product and promotion.

If you chose to work with a niche market, favoring something you have a particular interest in, then one of the best and simplest, most cost effective ways to start is by opening a store on Ebay. There, once you find your product supplier (if it isn’t your aunt Nelly’s attic) you can set up your auctions a week in advance, then leave the country for a few days while your auctions close (at a profit of course!) and when you get back, set up the next set of auctions and ship the sold products. Ebay does the advertising for you on their site, closes the sale and sends you the purchaser info. Nicely automated.

If you already have a store on the web, you can advertise your new products effectively (and inexpensively / freely) through Search Engine submission, Press Releases and Classified Ad or Ezine Submissions. There are numerous companies on the net that, for a fee ranging from $24 per month to $250 total, will “blast” your ad through classified directories, ezines, and online/offline media, as well as submit your website to 100+ search engine directories, even guaranteeing top 10 placement! Definitely worth the bucks! These too, can be set up in advance, submitted, and then forgotten for a week while you vacation in sunny Mexico.

If you are fortunate enough to have discovered a wonderful new fully automated venture on the internet, then you really have it made! You can set up marketing campaigns through the same “blaster” services and leave the selling, explaining and closing to the automated website that came with your business or through the team leaders that direct your buyers through the sale for you. The Cadillac in internet marketing by far!

Once you have taken the time to set up your campaigns, ads, submissions, press releases, etc. then it is only a matter of pushing a button and watching the sales come in! It really CAN be just THAT simple….

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