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Handmade Soap Fragrances - The Smell of Luxury
Author: Jeffrey Dorrian

In an effort to make each soap unique, many soapmakers incorporate the use of essential oils and fragrances into their handmade soap products. Why? Because fragrances add a touch of luxury to any product. Think about perfume, scented candles and even bath salts. A part of what makes these products so special is their fragrances and, coincidentally, handmade soap is no different.

One of the most popular fragrances used in handmade soap is that of lavender. By its very nature, the scent of lavender is soothing and relaxes all who indulge it. Fragrances have a way of permeating the room and, surprisingly, is one of the most common factors that individuals use to associate the memory of a certain time or place. Perhaps the scent of a certain fragrance takes you back to an earlier time or a special occasion. The fragrances used in handmade soap may be used to remind you of a soothing bath or a relaxing time spent quietly soaking away your cares. Another of the most popular fragrances found in handmade soap is vanilla. This scent is often associated with the smell of birthday cake or cupcakes and is highly sought after amongst soap enthusiasts.

Handmade soap is especially beneficial to anyone with dry skin and, with its many benefits, the lovely fragrances that are often included in handmade soap are just an added bonus. After a soothing bath or even after washing your hands, the scent of the fragrances will linger both in the air and on the skin. A smooth, silky feeling combined with a luxurious fragrance is enough to keep customers in a constant search for their favorite handmade soap.

There are a number of essential oils and fragrances that are used in handmade soap, including floral, citrus and even scents that appeal to your sweet tooth. Make no mistake however, these sweet smelling handmade soaps are not for tasting. For the chocolate lovers, triple chocolate soap loaves, there are now soaps offered in these delicious scents. They are a real treat for the skin as well as for the nose. Other popular fragrances include caf mocha for the coffee lovers, coconut, citrus, banana and cinnamon to name a few.

Soapmakers are skilled craftsmen who are able to create the perfect recipe for making your skin look, smell and feel fresh. Requests for additional scents are sometimes the perfect way to inquire about future products while providing ideas for soapmakers to continue expanding their ever-popular line of handmade soaps. Fragrances can create a pleasant environment throughout the home and on the skin. From scented candles to handmade soaps, the smell of luxury may be just a sniff away.

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Jeffrey Dorrian is the soap guy. Really, that is his website www.thesoapguy.com. He has been making premium handmade soap for the past five years. "Handmade soap is a true inexpensive luxury anyone can enjoy." wholesale natural soap

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