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Author: Harrold Swalve

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Yeah!! A home business, that's where I can easily make the extra money, a second income or even create a full time job. Isn't that what most people think when they start looking for a job or business online? Guess what, they ain't even wrong. The only problem is, it takes a lot of work to find out how to actually achieve the easy money.

So since the title says "how to master the art of making money online" lets look at the main issues you need to focus on.

The first thing you should do, and this is just as important as all the other things I'll mention, find people who are already successful as online entrepreneurs. Take your time to be specific in your search since a lot of people claim to be successful but are just one day wonders. Once you've found some real achievers, join their mailing list (newsletter). Don't start buying the products they promote, just take notes and learn. This will give you a reasonable understanding of where they make their money.

At this point you will have created more questions then answers, so now start finding the answers to your questions. You can do this by joining forums which are focussed on the online business.

You've probably got enough information now on how you would like to make money online, either through selling your own products or promoting other peoples products. This means you will need a domain name and a web site.

Make sure you choose a domain name which fits the product you're gone promote, try to get a keyword rich name since this will help you to get search engine ranking. Find yourself a good web host and with this, certainly don't go for the cheap option. Take your time to read up on different web hosting providers, again forums are great information resources. Once you have found a provider it is time to build your web site.

Yes, I did say build your own web site. Don't even think about web templates. These won't be flexible enough to adjust them for search engine optimization. It doesn't matter if you just build one sales page or a 50 page web site, you have to be able to adjust it at all times. The internet is undergoing changes by the day! Again, you can learn this completely free with online courses and free HTML programs. It will take a lot of time but nobody said it would be easy.

OK, you've got your product and you've got a web site. Unfortunately you don't have any visitors yet! This will be a long time investment and you will have to do it the hard way. This also is the moment where you will start spending some money, except from the web hosting that is.

We have all heard about link exchange, this is a great way to get visitors and a higher ranking with the search engines. What you don't want to do is exchange links through automated link farms, you will have to do this manually and find decent link partners, offer them a reachable link from your home page and make sure only to link with web sites which fit your field of expertise.

Submit your web site to every single directory which you are able to find, these are all one way links and do count heavily with the search engines.

Start writing articles and press releases, you need to become a known expert in your field, this will only happen when you get seen a lot. Use a article submission service for this since it will save a lot of time.

Last but not least, invest in a program like IBP available at, this will help you to optimize your web site for even better search engine ranking.

The above mentioned actions are ongoing and should be made a regular habit, set yourself goals as to how many links and articles you want to create during a week. Don't choose they so called easy way as with Pay Per Click since this will only cost you money. The only Pay Per Click you could use are Google, Yahoo and the new guy in town MSN.

Following these steps will get you you're money making home business, as mentioned, it will take time and a lot of studying, but in the end it will most definitely be worth your while

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Harrold Swalve is a published author and successful online entrepreneur. He owns the Home Business Resource Center www.pocketmoremoney.com where you can find all the resources to not only the best online money making opportunities, but also articles, free tools, 24/7 support and much more.

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