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Get Traffic Using Expired Domains
Author: James Liburd

You may think that all great -- even single-worded -- domain names are taken? What you are about to learn is something truly amazing.

For a long time, one of the keys to becoming successful online was, dare I say it, sheer luck -- the luck in successfully finding, registering and promoting a good, memorable and compelling domain name

Over 20,000 domain names expire everyday and can be used by others.You may see a list of some right now by visiting:http://shurl.org/expired-domains. If you want more hits or want to resell the domains for profit, these expired ones can be a valuable resource.

But before taking it over, you surely would like to know how many people have owned it before and the reasons for giving it up, right?

Well, an expired domain may have been used by one or more persons in the past. They may have designed a website, advertised it, linked it to search engines, done business deals on it and even had reciprocal link connections with other websites. The reasons for expiry of domain name may be :

1. Loss of interest of owner
2. Closing down of business
3. Registration was not renewed on time
4. The fees was unaffordable

There may have been any of the aforementioned reasons or any other cause, but whatever the case, the domain is now an available option for you. You can use it by designing a website on it or you may link it to your existing website.

The benefits of finding a great expired domain name are phenomenal.

1. You'll have an asset worth more than it's weight in gold.

A short, sharp and snappy domain not only provides you with a prestigious brand and online presence, but gives you a significant return on investment in the worth of a domain.

2. You could be sitting on a goldmine

Once you've registered the domain, it's yours to use or sell as you please. With a number of domain auction sites on the 'Net, it's now easy to showcase a valuable domain and sell it for hundreds, even thousands of dollars, if the domain hits the right market.

You could easily make a comfortable (if not outrageous) living in buying and selling domains alone... Thousands are already doing it. I mean, have you ever heard of a 10,000% profit margin?

3. Establish a distinctive, professional and memorable Internet presence.

Even if you don't care about buying and selling domains, or investing in "digital real estate," you owe it to yourself (and your website) to have an attractive .com address that will pull tons of qualified traffic!

A short, memorable and magnetic domain name provides the ultimate vehicle for branding, and sticks in the mind of your prospects like glue. On the other hand however, a long, unattractive name will kill your professionalism even before it even has a chance to grow.

A great domain name gives you instant credibility!

4. And finally, it could provide you with instant traffic!

This is probably the best benefit of all four!

If someone previously registered the domain that's now available to you, chances are the domain was once home to an active website. The owner probably started an affiliate program, spent money on directing traffic to their site and got linked from all around the world.

All that time, effort and money spent in marketing the website was already made by the previous owner. So now, that website could probably be enjoying a really good source of targeted traffic.The same traffic source will now be yours, FREE of charge.

It is not possible to know the exact amount to expired traffic to a particular domain. However, the analysis of some specific aspects lets you gauge the amount of expired traffic. They are as follows :


This will give you an estimate of the number of portals or web pages that are linked to the expired domain. The more the number of links, the higher is the possibility of future traffic. Also, a higher link popularity betters the probability of quality traffic.


An Alexa toolbar keeps tabs on the number of hits for a domain and then awards a rank based on this. If the site has had no traffic for the past three months, it is automatically dropped by Alexa. So, look for an Alexa rank to get an idea about the number of visits and the domain’s worth.

To give you a rough idea, an Alexa rank of about 100,000 means that the domain receives at least 2 hits a day. A rank higher than 1,000,000 discloses that the domain hardly ever receives any visits.


The popularity of a domain is ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 and this is called a Google PageRank. This ranking system takes into account the number of quality web pages that contain links to a specific domain name.

A Google toolbar is required to obtain a Google PageRank. You can type in the website name in the address bar of your browser and get the PageRank.


A domain owner may have been included in search engines. He may have paid for registrations on search engines like Yahoo and LookSmart. A domain also may have been approved by a Dmoz editor. If you take over a domain, these listings are automatically transferred to you. You can do your own research by visiting these search engines and typing the full URL in the directories section. Your results page will show you whether the domain is listed with them or not.

An inclusion in the top search engines does not ensure continuous visits but it certainly increases the chances of receiving worthy traffic. If you do not want to use the domains yourself, you can easily turn it around and sell it. It will certainly be profitable if the domain is registered with the top ten search engines.

We publish a list of expiring domains that is updated daily. There are tools to assist you to carry out an easy and hassle-free research absolutely FREE.

Acquiring expired domains is an inexpensive way of increasing visitors to your website.Many Netpreneurs acquire expired domains at:http://shurl.org/expired-domains. A HELPFUL TIP : Always try and get a domain that is related to the type of visitors required by you. If you want webmaster visits, go for relevant a domain name and not one that appeals to travel enthusiasts.

Internet prospectors and web builders have been snapping up expired domains quicker than Burger King serves hamburgers.Now is the time to get involved and start turning mere pennies into mountains of profits!

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