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First Date Conversation Tips
Author: Francesca

You are on your date, sitting in front of your date, you ordered something to drink, and now what? Before you start to talk about the weather, here are a few tips that will help you pass the evening successfully:


Before going out on your first date you should write down a few questions you could ask your date in case the conversation will get stuck. People who go often on dates usually know by heart their list of questions and they draw them out at the correct moment in great skill. You might need to get some practice, but thereís no better time to start practicing than today!

Here are some first date questions:

1. What do you do for a living?

2. Do you have any brothers or sisters? Are you close to each other?

3. Did you travel? Where and when?

4. What are your aspirations\dreams?

5. Do you like to practice any kind of art?

The most important thing about asking these first date questions is that they allow your date to talk about him\her self and teach you more about the person sitting in front of you.
I suggest that in first dates you should avoid asking your date about his\her previous relationships. If you must ask something in the subject I suggest asking your date what does he\she look for in a relationship or what kind of relationship they are looking for right now.


Every person likes to be flattered, especially on first dates when the self-confidence is very low and you are both feeling very nervous. Complimenting your date may break the ice, make the other person feel more confident and comfortable and also add some bonus points to your dateís opinion about you. Make sure that your compliments are personal, honest and convincing, and not a cheesy sentence you cite from an Italian movie, which will only make you loose your credibility and your charm.

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