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Face of Death - Final Destination 3
Author: _DeWayne Strickland

Copyright 2006 DeWayne Strickland

Do you remember a time in your life, where you stopped doing something because you thought you might die? Maybe it was flying on a plane, visiting New York City, riding on a train, or eating health food vs junk food.

Death is that "Great Mystery", which we all face sooner or later.

In Final Destination 1, Alex Chance Browning(Devon Sawa) discovers there is a pattern for this face of death and he is going to beat it! He noticed a few subtle things and started seeing the pattern. Amazingly, he is able to keep himself alive, while people drop like flies around him.

Final Destination 1 shows this black shadow(Grim Reeper), that reaches out towards its victims. The victims are unaware of what is happening, until it is too late! I had a relationship like that once! How about you?

In Final Destination 2, Clear Rivers(Ali Larter) stays alive by residing in an institution hidden from the face of death pattern(Thanks to Hollywood). Unfortunately, the death pattern kills off people again and leaves you saying to yourself, "that is disturbing." Welcome to the world of unsettling moments and elaborate death sequences!

Final Destination 2 will make you think twice about following close behind a semi hauling large objects! Imagine what would happen to you and your car, if the objects started coming off! Would you have time to swerve?

Death comes for us all and we never understand it, but we do everything we can to not think about it. It is a subject we like to avoid and never really discuss, but it is there and it waits, or so the Final Destination movies will have you think.

The Final Destination movies make you believe, that with the right information and awareness, you can outsmart death. If you are aware of the death pattern, then you can avoid it and survive. Again, this is the secret to survival in the Final Destination films.

"Have you avoided death's pattern?"

Have you ever been told to stay away from dark alley's and to shop in groups so nothing happens to you? Do you hope your car does not go dead in the middle of nowhere, while a serial killer is on the loose. Do you try to avoid the most dangerous streets in your city? Is your cell phone going to work in an emergency or will your battery go dead?

The face of death, it waits, it waits all the time and when your not looking it grabs you. Can you really outsmart death?

Remember the last time you rode on a roller coaster? The intense speed as you were glued to the seat. You hope no one vomits in front of you, because you will eat their breakfast! Yum, was that lucky charms? The fast turns that made you almost vomit a hotdog and cotton candy. A wonderful thrill you want to do again and again!

Final Destination 3 goes to extreme lengths to prove that riding on a roller coaster could be your last ride! A high school student races against time to stop the face of death from finding the survivors of the first tragedy. If two Final Destination movies was not enough, there had to be three, now that is a tragedy!

You never know what will happen when you walk out the door and face what waits for you. It is a risk you take everyday, and one you hope to live through to see another.

The face of death is unpredictable, inevitable, and final.

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DeWayne H. Strickland has been a Film Freak since the time he could walk. He is a webdesigner and is the crazy movie review critic at: www.moviedownloadmatrix.com

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