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Dog Beds: Now That You Have Your New Pooch, Where's He Going to Sleep?
Author: Allen Shaw

Copyright 2006 Allen Shaw

Take my word for it, no matter how much you want your new puppy to sleep with you, this is not the best option. Especially when you’re dealing with a 75-pound behemoth that’s scared of a little thunder. Your king-sized bed suddenly becomes half a twin-size bed. So next to food and a trip to the vet, a good dog bed should be one of your first major purchases. But what kind of dog bed should you get? There are literally hundreds of choices. For instance:

Large dog beds for the type of dog mentioned in the first paragraph

Outdoor beds for the pooch who prefers sleeping under the stars

Fancy designer beds for the pampered pooch that’s probably related to Paris Hilton’s Tinkerbelle

Travel and car beds for the dogs who spend a lot of time on the road

Heated beds for the cold-natured little breeds

Orthopedic beds for the pooches getting up there in age Iron beds for the decorating pooches in your household

Chew-proof beds for…well…you know

And waterproof beds for the little pups who sometimes get a little scared at night…you know what I mean.

But no matter the bed you buy, there are a couple of rules you should be aware of. First, make sure every part of the bed is machine washable. No matter how many times you wash your dog, he’s going to manage to smell up that bed. And if it’s a bed you keep in your own bedroom, the odors that will eventually emanate from that bed will give you nightmares.

Second, get a bed with cedar shavings or a thick foam pad as the padding. This will help immensely with keeping your favorite flea friends from becoming permanent residents of your dog’s bed. Third, make sure you buy the right size dog bed. If possible, take your dog with you when you buy the bed. No matter how cute the bed is, or how well it goes with your home décor, if your dog can’t comfortably lay down in the bed, he won’t use it.

Also, pay close attention to what the bed is made of. Wicker is cute and very stylish. But fleas love it. And for the dog that hasn’t quite gotten over the chewing stage yet, a wicker bed is little more than the world’s largest chew toy. Beanbags are also popular dog beds because most people born in the late 60s still have one stowed away in their basements or attics somewhere (yes you do, admit it). But have you ever seen what’s inside a beanbag? You will find out very quickly if Fido discovers how to operate the zipper that keeps the stuffing in the bag. You would be wise to leave the beanbag in the attic and open your wallet cheapskate.

So now that you’ve done the research, go out and buy your new best friend a great bed. Remember to get the proper size. Get one with cedar shaving or foam as the padding. Make sure all parts of the bed are machine washable. And most importantly, make sure Fido likes the bed or you will have an unwanted visitor in the middle of the night…especially when there’s thunder.

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