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Do You Have Enough Hobbies To Ensure An Enjoyable Retirement?
Author: Anthony Tripodi

Even if youíve been saving your money since you were in grade school, that may not be enough to have an enjoyable retirement. Of course having enough money put away is the number one factor as to whether or not youíll maintain your desired lifestyle once you stop working. But donít overlook the small stuff. Does sitting in front of the TV sound like a fulfilling way to live, day in and day out? Youíll need something engaging to do with your free time and remember you will probably have more free time than youíve ever had in your adult life. Having several interesting hobbies is a great way to get the most out of your retirement.

You probably started thinking about your retirement savings a long time ago. Well you should start thinking about how you plan on spending your time too. A satisfying hobby or a way to spend you time really is required for your happiness. Perhaps youíve decided to spend more time with your family and just enjoy life. Thatís all well and good but youíll need something more.

Choosing a fun hobby is easy. Most hobbies are fun, thatís why theyíre hobbies. And Iím sure almost everyone has something that they like to do. Whether itís gardening, playing tennis, building ships in a bottle or collecting stamps, Iím sure thereís something out there that youíd like to do. Finding a fun hobby shouldnít be a problem for most people. Itís the next two criteria that may cause some problems for you.

Money always seem to be an issue. If youíve found something that you enjoy doing but canít afford to do it, then youíre out of luck. How often to you hear people say that if they won the lottery then would retire and spend their time traveling the world? Traveling would be how everyone spent their retirement if it was free. Going on a few vacations a year will probably fit into even the most conservative budget. But even if you add some visits to see the grandkids or other relatives youíll probably still have about 40 weeks left in your year that youíll need something else to do. Gardening can be a relatively in-expensive hobby. Buying seeds are pretty cheap and will provide you with days worth of tasks to take grow them from seedlings to mature plants. You can even put some food on the table if you plant a vegetable garden.

Lastly youíll need to think about your health. If you suffer from arthritis, then I donít recommend spending your days doing something that will aggravate it. Letís look at our previous hobby examples and see if they make the grade. Gardening can require some physical labor. Whether youíre turning the soil or bending over to pull weeds youíll need a strong back to get the job done. Collecting stamps or other collecting hobbies would be okay even if you require a sedentary lifestyle.

Many people spend their adult life saving their money for retirement. This is a great way to secure your future but itís only a first step. Give some thought to how you plan on spending your free time during your retirement. With some interesting hobbies, youíre retirement can be more fulfilling that you ever planned.

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Anthony Tripodi has created the ReadyForRetirement blog to document how heís preparing for his own retirement. To read his entrees and learn more about retirement planning, visit readyforretirement.blogspot.com

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