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Do You Have A "Hidden" Eating Disorder?
Author: LoseWithCaralluma.com

Revealed! How an Indian cactus is helping dieters overcome food addiction

Is it possible to have an eating disorder, and not be aware of it yourself?

It is estimated that 50% of eating disorders go undetected. Why? Simply because the signs of eating disorder are not well known.

Granted, you don't gorge yourself, then excuse yourself to throw up.
Granted, you don't starve yourself till you're ready to pass out.
You probably have a healthy body image and a few extra pounds don't freak you out.

Yet, unknown to you, you might harbor an eating disorder if you:

• Have feelings of guilt or obsession about food
• Need to feel 'full', rather than satisfied
• Never fully conscious about what you eat, when you eat and how much you eat
• Cycles of Crash Dieting/Overeating
• Tend to go overboard while snacking
• Inability to control specific food cravings
• Mood swings, lethargy, extreme fatigue, irritability

Many people have addictive tendencies towards food.
Unless you become aware of these tendencies, they won't go away.

Impulsive eating can throw your body chemistry in disarray. The first thing you must do is to tune in to your real hunger/thirst signals. You need time to settle into your natural, healthy rhythm.

Slow down and let your body talk to you!
Most dieters have a tough time battling the classic highs and lows associated with eating disorders. Luckily, a diet pill is now available that can help you get through the day without giving in to temptation.

Break the cycle of Addictive Eating

Caralluma Fimbriata is a cactus that grows widely in parts of India and Africa. It has long been used as a famine food that helps to suppresses appetite, regulate blood sugar and keep you feeling full and active all day.

One of the first products on the market to contain Slimaluma™, the standardized extract of Caralluma Fimbriata, is called Slimirex. In clinical trials, Slimirex produced significant weight loss in participants versus those using a placebo. Participants also reported increased energy and overall well-being.

Lose safely with Caralluma fimbriata

Slimirex is free from controversial drugs, making them a safe, long-term alternative to prescription drugs and adrenaline-like stimulants such as Ephedra.

Slimirex works by helping to quiet down your cravings and improving your physical and mental endurance, leading to improved energy levels all day.

Impulsive eating could be the hidden enemy that's sabotaging your weight-loss efforts. Fight to win with a clinically-proven brand containing the “miracle” cactus Caralluma fimbriata.

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Visit www.LoseWithCaralluma.com to learn more about the health benefits of Caralluma fimbriata and what Slimirex can do for you.

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